Teacher & Student Detention   added 8 years ago
  By: mavin999  Age: 44  Country: United Kingdom

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Roleplay: Student/Teacher
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Nature: I will tell you later

My main fantasy is that i am a teacher in an all girls school & i'm taking detention, there's only me & this blonde who is sitting at the front with her legs open & wearing white hold up stockings, i can't help but look.

I stand up & walk round to the front of the desk & tell her to stand up & come over to me & when she does she notices a bulge in my trousers & starts to rub my dick through the material & then she kneels down & unzips me & takes my dick out & starts teasing the head with her tongue & then takes the whole length in her sweet mouth, this lasts for about 5 minutes, then i pull her up & bend her over the desk kneel down behind, pull her skirt up & her knickers down & start licking that sweet shaved pussy of hers & when she is wet enough i stand up & start to push my dick into her & we start fucking for what seems like forever as her pussy gets wetter & wetter & her juices start flowing down her long stocking legs.

We change position & now we are on the desk & she is riding me screaming as she is cumming her big tits (not huge) are bouncing up & down. I grab her by tits & roughly start squeezing them tighter & tighter as i am nearly there. i get to get off quickly as i am about to cum & get her to get on all fours as i fuck her from behind. I slowly slide my dick into her ass as she lets out a scream as she has never had it anally before slowly start fucking her. It doesn't take long before i cum inside her ass. i slowly pull out of her & stand up & ask her to turn around & kneel in front & lick her juices of my dick.

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