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I fantasize about living next door to another couple that my wife and I become good friends with. Over a period of time the other guy confesses that his wife does not give good blowjobs and I brag about how good my wife is and how I taught her every trick she knows. One night while the wives are out he dares me to prove it by sucking his dick. I take him up on it and am surprised to find a thick 9inch penis hidden in his pants.

Never having been on the giving end of a blowjob I slide his shorts down to his ankles, he steps out of them as I take hold of his penis in my left hand. It seems to throb with heat and stiffens in my hand. I think of all the things I love as I run my lips lightly over his bulging head and down the shaft. I let his erection rise up and kiss the underside of his penis. This is the perspective my wife has had for many years now. I let his dick rest on my face as I run my tongue down to his trimmed balls.

He moans approval and runs his hands through my hair, firmly pressing his cock against my face, wiping it over my eyes and nose. I start licking everything I see, coating his balls, shaft, and head in my thick spit, teasing his mushroom crown with my lips and darting my tongue into his pisshole.

He starts to moan in a familiar way and I know I'm pressing the right buttons. His hips jerk in small thrusts in attempts to push past my parted lips, as I run my hands firmly over his muscular thighs and belly. He starts to groan and as he cradles the back of my head - I know he wants to shove my face down onto his stiff spit-dripping dick - and I want him to!

From personal experience, a man can only take so much teasing. As if by one mind I part my lips and teeth and slide my tongue under his shaft as far as it will slide. His grip tightens in my hair as he pulls my face down onto his slippery cock. I close my eyes and just open everything as his meat pushes past my tongue. I unsuccessfully attempt to repress a gag reflex as he feeds his flesh train into my slutty throat. He keeps pushing, firmly but slowly. My head spins and involuntary tears stream as I fall forward onto his dick. The last 3 inches just slide past my convulsing pharynx as the tip of my tongue hits the soft flesh of his balls.

As he bottoms out into my throat, he comes. Against every instinct I have I open my mouth wider and swallow hard. His cock cycles through stiff bursts against my flailing esophagus and he empties his load deep into me. He shoots wad after wad down my throat for what seems like hours keep my nose buried deeply into his pubes.

Shuddering he pulls his softening dick from my throat. I feel dirty and used, my face wet from spit, cum, and tears, yet somehow blissfully happy. The phone rings and startles us, I grab my jacket and wipe my face clean as he stuffs his cock back into his shorts and answers the phone. After some small talk he hangs up the phone and says, "Well, sounds like the ladies are taking the kids up to the cabin for the weekend tomorrow... maybe you should come over?"

More later...

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