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Categories: Food Sex
Tags: immobile obese feeder feedee fat SSBBW bbw
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

I wake up in a strange place, tied to a chair. Straps run along my calves and wrists, as well as my waist and chest...even my head is secured. I hear two voices approaching. A man and a woman approach me, sizing me up.

"She's perfect" he says.....

"Well, she will be" she responds, winking at me.

I ask them what they plan to do with me, and she whispers in my ear: "We're going to fill you out a bit"

I beg them to stop and to let me go, but he shoves a tube in my mouth and I watch as they pour all sorts of fattening liquids into a machine connected to the tube. They turn it on and I can feel it being forced into my mouth, giving me no option but to swallow. Pretty soon the machine stops by itself, but they don't take the tube out.

"Get used to this, skinny" the woman tells me as she and the man leave me to digest.

The machine keeps me completely full almost all the time, and as time passes, I watch my body expanding before my eyes. My arms and breasts sag with the added weight, and I can feel my belly spread across my lap. Pretty soon my hips are spilling over the sides of the chair and it's becoming harder to see my expanding form.

The two feeders return and set up mirrors for me to see all of my swelling rolls...I can barely recognize the woman I've become. The two circle me, grabbing handfuls of my fat and jiggling me and pinching my rolls as they humiliate me and give me little hints about their plans to make me huge. "You're off to a great start" they tell me...."but you have soooo much work left!" They tell me with huge, devilish grins on their faces and all I can do is flap my hands and wiggle my feet.

Time passes and the two feeders constantly are pulling the mirrors back as my body starts to swallow up the chair, and flow over it. Eventually they take the straps off my body.

"You're free to leave" the man tells me, but to my horror, I can't get up! I can't even lift my arms, and all I can manage to do is jiggle all over from the effort!

"Looks like she doesn't want to leave" The woman says. I beg them to help me, flapping my hands as I try to move, but it's no use. "I guess she likes the food too much" the woman says as she forces the tube into my mouth again and turns the feeding machine on.

The two continue to keep me stuffed, but leave me untied. Pretty soon I begin to lose the ability to move my hands and feet, they become to plump and heavy, and not long after that, my fingers and toes become too chubby to wiggle. I lay there, helpless, immobilized by my fat.

The two feeders continue to keep me stuffed, humiliating me and taunting me constantly as I become more and more of a helpless blob of fat...their helpless blob of fat.

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