Taken for a walk   added 8 years ago
  By: Nathalie  Age: 30  Country: France

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, The Fetishists, Being Taped, Oral Sex, Identified partner, Steady Partner
Location: A Public place
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

It was just past midnight. My master and I had just came back from a friend’s birthday party, and we were both a little tipsy. As usual, that leaves me a little aroused, but we haven’t done anything out of the ordinary tonight – none of our friends know about the way our relationship works.


We had just got out of the cab, and we were in our building’s hall, when my master gets my collar and my leash out of his bag. « Come here », he says. I walk up to him and pull my hair up so that he can put my collar around my neck. Then, he fastens my leash. I am nervous about being outfitted like that in our entrance hall, but then again, at midnight on a week night, there is nobody around. « Strip », he says. « Strip to your garter belt and stockings. And shoes, boviously. » Ah. Feeling more nervous now, I pull my turtleneck above my head, unbutton my blouse and zip down my skirt. And voila ! A practically naked slave, collared and exposed. I bundle my clothes and hand them to my master. He smiles, pleased. « You really are a beautiful bitch, » he croons. « Get down on all four. I am taking you for a walk. »


I obey and wait to see where he wants to take me. If we go out, I know i twill be hard for me, but I want to please him so badly. No, he drags me towards the elevator. Calls it, then gets in when the doors open. I follow him, on all four, head down. I hear him press a button and… the elevator goes down… When the doors open, he leads me towards the underground parking garage there is beneath our building. Two stories of open parking spaces, for residents. Most spaces are empty, I know from previous visits. Casually, my master begins walking me around like a pet. I follow him on the concrete floor. Exposed like this, in an environment where I’m almost sure nobody will see me, I feel really aroused by the use he puts me to, and my ability to obey. After a while, he stops and tugs a little on my leash. I stop and straighten, in effet kneeling up. My nipples are throbbing hard, and pressing my thighs together, I feel my nether lips swollen and moist. How well he knows his bitch…


« Spread your knees, I want to see your pussy open when you kneel. » I quiclky obey, and remain straight-backed but with my thighs apart. That tilts my boobs forward, and my master notices. I see him looking at my almost naked body, and feel him tugging a bit at my leash from behind. Then he comes back in front of me, empty-handed. How come I can still feel tension on my leash ? A quick glance behind me shows that he has tied my leash to a railing between two parking spots. Like a real dog, he has me tethered on the spot. In front of me, my master has opened his fly and taken out his sex. It is obvious he likes what he has seen so far! The he says to me : « Nathalie, I am going to fuck your throat and cum into your stomach. You keep your mouth open and do not move until I am done. » I whisper « Yes, master » then open my mouth wide to take him in. I tongue his cock a bit at first, while I can, because I like to feel it on my tongue. I like how smooth it feels. Then his cock goes beyond my tongue and gags me. I feel the tip of his sex enter my throat, then begin moving there.


Over the next minutes – I couldn’t tell you how long – my master proceeded to do just what he had said. Fucking my throat, taking his sex out frequently so I could breathe again then gagging me with his member. Despite the frequent bouts of asphyxia – he did not always pull out before I started suffocating – I did my best to remain in place and let him use me as he wanted. With the collar around my throat, I could feel the pressure of his cock going down my throat, and I felt like a wonderful cumbucket. Happy to service my master, conscious of how slutty and perverse I would seem to anyone, I savoured the use he was taking me for. And then, I heard him grunt once, and felt him ram his cock down my throat while holding my head with both hands. At once, I felt a squirt in my throat, then a few others. My first thought was : « Funny, I can feel it but not taste it, there. » Then I guess my master was done. He pulled out of my mouth, and I gasped a bit to take my breath again. He wiped his cock on my cheeks, and walked back a few paces.


Out of his bag, he took his camera and snapped a few shots of me, tethered to a railing, naked and with traces of cum and spit on my face. I looked up into the lens and tried to convey my love and devotion through my eyes. I felt degraded and so special at the same time. My pussy was on fire, I wanted him to fuck me right here on the spot ! Instead, he put the camera away and said. « You hold on, no. I will go to the apartment to put the bag and your clothes away. I’ll come back and get you. »


On that, he turned away and went back to the elevator. I felt instant panick. He was going to leave me here, like that? Anybody could arrive, see me… I felt anything but safe, and abandonned. He turned back towards me. « Now, bitch, be a good pet. Your master loves you, but you’re not a person, you’re a thing. I can leave you anattended for a while. » Andy es, he could. I was his to use or not use a twill. I swallowed my pride and worry, and decided to wait as long as it took.


Again, I can not tell you how long. It might have been thirty minutes. It might have been five. Well, probably more than that, because when he came back, he did not have his bag, he had changed his clothes, and he was carrying… A folding chair and… a bottle of champagne ! He unfolded the chair, sat on it, and opened the bottle. It was a small bottle, half the content of a normal one, and he drank some while looking me in the eye. Then, he bent towards me, kissed my lips, and let some flow into my mouth. I swallowed greedily, and felt the sting of bubbles on my sore throat. That act, drinking from my master’s lips, always gets me hot ! He proceeded to empty the bottle, slowly, while fondling my breasts with his other hand. When the bottle was empty, he stood up, put the chair away, and put the bottle down on the floor behind me. Then, he walked back a few steps, took the camera from his pocket and said : « Fuck yourself on the bottle. When you have come, we can go. Make it a good show, real sexy, and I will fuck you again in bed. »


I felt for the bottle, found it and placed it where I could mount it. Then, never taking my eyes off my master, I made love to that bottle like if it was him, grinding my hips and biting my lips, playing with my nipples. All the while, he videotaped me, in this parking lot where all my moans bounced in echoes. I came like the sluttiest bitch I could be, with a throaty yell that reverberated in the air.


My master turned the camera off without a word and undid the knot in my leash. Still on all four, he led me to the elevator, and brought me home. As promised, he fucked me again that night, in bed, and spat on my face while cumming. I fell asleep as he left me, my face sticky from his spit and my belly sticky with cum.

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