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Categories: Oral Sex, Group Sex / Threesome, Other women, Masturbation, Identified partner
Location: A bed
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Nature: Agressive
I've been a good housewife, but I needed something. I'm 24 and had something was missing from my life. The only satisfactions I had been getting was when hubby would leave for work and I would have the place to myself.

I had felt something all of a sudden that I hadn't felt in a while. A throbbing sensation that I just couldn't ignore. Throbbing hard, and no matter what I had done to get rid of it or how tight I squeezed my theighs together, I had gotten myself all hot and wet and I just couldn't bare it anymore.

I called up my old flame from highschool. The only one who know what to say and where to touch me to make me cum in under a minute. "Hey sexy", he says in his spanish accent. I can feel myself getting hotter and the urge to fuck myself with the cordless at that point wasn't that far off from an option.

"Mateugue" I say in my a seductive tone, "I miss your cock. I miss it throbbing in me. My clit gets hard every time I think about you with your cock out, playing around my pussy, getting under my hood and flicking my clit with your head and you do this to taunt me, I know you do. When I can't handle it anymore you thrust into me - hard. My back arches and I let out a long moan of pleasure and relief. "

I am laying on my back with my pants around my ankles, shoulder holding the phone against my ear and both hands fidgiting to get my underware off. I know things are getting hard of his end when I hear his belt buckle come undone.

"Mmmmm," he says, "I was just thinking about how good you tasted. I miss your juices, they were so fucking good. That time you stripped teased for me, while I was sitting handcuffed to the chair... christ...the way your body moved, I broke free of the chair and tackled you to the were throbbing...wet... you had already came and I hadn't touched you. You push my head into your shaved pussy and I find your clit and suck on it until you scream my name, you're begging me to fuck you. Make you feel like a woman in ways your husband does not."

"How many fingers do you want me to use right now?" I ask.


I obey. I'm in no position to argue, the only position I am in is on my back.

My pussy hadn't been that wet since I was a teenager.

I let him hear me moan as I get to my g-spot, my other hand vigerously rubbing my clit begging for some relief.

"Tell me what you are thinking about" I demand.

"You, me, and your friend Sarah. I want to fuck you while she licks your clit. I want to fuck your ass, and then fuck her mouth. You're bent over on all fours, like the good bitch you are, and you are eating her out, one hand under the arch of her back and the other with a finger in her ass. I'm eating your ass and you're moaning. "

I had came 5 times and was still ready for more by this point... it was the most long distance charges I had worked up, but it was damn well worth it.

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