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Location: A resort
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My hubby and I wanted to go on an erotic vacation. A friend recommended that we go to Hedonism where just about anything goes. So we booked or trip and when the time came we found ourselves in Jamaica at Hedonism II.

What a wonderful and beautiful place it is. We were checked in and the lady at the desk says that she hopes we enjoy the theme for the week and hands us our key. She must have noticed our puzzled looks and says,\"you know, its lifestyles week?\" We told he that we didn\'t know it was a themed week that we just wanted a room on the nude section and thought it would be fun to walk around nude all of the time. She said not to worry about the theme that there were a lot of straight couples there too. The policy at Hedonism is that \"No\" means \"No\". She then asked if we were going to be OK with everything and we looked at each other then shook our heads yes. She smiled and called for a bellhop and he took us to our room.

It was a nice room. The first thing we noticed was the fully stocked fridge in the room (an upgrade that we felt was worth the extra few bucks). After the fridge, we noticed all of the nude vacationers outside our sliding glass door. We were in a beach-level room that we could walk right out onto the beach. We got excited that we could simply walk right out of the room nude and never have to get dressed except to go to dinner! We are easily amused!! I guess seeing all of the naked bodies outside of our room caused my hubby (Tim) got a little horny because I could feel him nuzzling up behind me with his hard cock pressing against my ass. I have to admit, my pussy was getting wet too.

It felt so good when he reached around and squeezed my tits together while we were looking out the back door. Anyone could look up and see what was going on because the curtains were drawn and we were standing in front of the glass doors. I try to protest and move away from the window because everyone could see us and Tim reminded me that we were at Hedonism were just about anything goes, all the while he was running his hands all over the front of my body. I thought about what he said and said to myself, \"what the hell, why not\". I decided to just go with the flow and let Tim have his way.

Before long, he had my top off and he had unbuckled my shorts and let them fall to the floor (I wasn\'t wearing underwear, it was a dare that Tim had given me to not take any underwear on the trip). I was quickly naked for everyone to see. I did notice a woman out on the beach near our room that was looking at me. She was a blond with nice fake tits and shaved pussy. She saw that I caught her looking at us and she just smiled and waved then looked away.

Tim and I did eventually make it to the bed in the room where we proceeded to to have great sex. We never did close the curtains! It was great, he fucked my mouth for a while then we got in a 69 and we eventually fucked. I told him that I didn\'t want cum running down my legs while we looked around after we finish and that he had two choices for how to handle it. He could pull his cock out and cum in my mouth or simply cum in my pussy and he could suck out the cum. I was hoping he would choose the second choice.

I had read about having that done and really hoped Tim would do it. Tim kept pounding away at my pussy and eventually came. When he was all soft and we were kissing I whispered how happy I was that he had chosen to eat my cum filled pussy. He looked at me and said asked if I was serious. I said yes and that if he wanted to fuck again the he had better get between my legs and start licking my pussy. He did and he seemed to like it once he got started. I really liked it and hoped it wouldn\'t be the last time.

Since it was only mid-day, we decided to park ourselves on the beach to get some sun. It was great being able to walk right out the back door naked onto the beach. We found a nice spot and put out our towels by a couple of empty towels. Just as luck would have it, the empty towels were soon occupied by the cute blond and her hubby. After a few minutes, Tim asked me if I wanted anything to drink and I told him to get me a light beer (I\'m a beer girl, liquor gets to me to quick) then he asked if I remember were the bar was. The blond\'s hubby must have overheard Tim asking about the bar because he jumped up and said that he was going there and and said he would show him where it was.

As soon as the guys were out of ear shot, the blond rolled over and said she enjoyed the show we put on for everyone and that her name was Kim and her Hubby\'s name is Dan. I introduced us as Kristy and Tim and said the show wasn\'t planned and turned bright red and smiled. She said she understood and that her and Dan did the same thing when they got there. She then asked if we both bi or just one of us. Just like before with the desk clerk, I must have had a puzzled look because she then said, \"you know, because it\'s lifestyles week!\" I told her that we were there on accident and that we were both straight. She smiled and said not to worry but be prepared to get approached by anyone. She also said that they were both bi and had already met a nice couple that they spent a little time with after lunch that day. I kind of nervously smiled and said that was great and I hoped they met more couples that they could enjoy.

About that time the guys came back and saved me, I was getting nervous talking to Kim about them being bi. I just kept imagining what the guys would do to each other. Its easy to think that the women would just go down on each other or rub their pussies together and get in some breast play, but what do guys do? Do they suck each other\'s cocks or fuck each other in the ass. Did they swallow cum when they sucked a cock like I do? The images of two guys together kept going through my mind.

Maybe it was the sun and beer, but I started to get turned on thinking about Dan sucking a guys cock and Kim eating pussy. I mean, she was gorgeous and could have any guy there so why would she want to get some pussy? Dan was no slouch either. Yeah, he had a few extra pounds but he had a nice sized cock and a hairy chest, he was a real man\'s man. It just took me by surprise when she said they were BOTH bi. I hoped that my surprise didn\'t show as we laid there and chatted the day away. When it was time to get ready for dinner, they invited us to join them and Tim quickly said yes. We were to meet in one hour and to dress provocatively!

Well, we got back to the room and I told Tim everything. He didn\'t believe me at first but did say that Dan did mention another guys butt when they were on a drink run. Tim said he just kind of played it off as not hearing him correctly. He then said, \"so what, they are a nice couple. Lets spend the evening with them and see what happens after dinner.\" So we decided to take a quick shower and head off to dinner.

We both laid out our clothes for the evening. I had brought this nice sheer mini dress that fit very snug and only went a few inches below my waist. Tim just laid out a pair of dress shorts and a nice button of shirt. We hopped in the shower together to clean off and rub our hands all over each other, we have a tendency to do that! Wouldn\'t you know it, we got horny again. I didn\'t want to make a mess and look disheveled by having sex so I just gave Tim a nice blowjob instead. Then we noticed those damn curtain were still open and anyone could have walked by while Tim was getting his blowjob. After he came in my mouth we got fressed and we went off to meet Kim and Dan.

The dress I wore was sheer enough that it was clear that I wasn\'t wearing underwear. You could even see my pubic hair! We met up with Kim and Dan and had a great time with them over dinner. AS soon as we sat down I started thinking about them being bi and I got all horny again. The thought if them being bi was starting to excite me. After dinner, they suggested that we all get naked and walk around the resort together. They said that at night, the dress code is relaxed and you could be naked anywhere you wanted. We agreed that it did sound like fun and went to our room to get undresses since it was closer.

It was a little weird getting undressed with them in our room but it shouldn\'t have because we had spent most of the day together naked on the beach. But in a flash, we were naked and walking around like we owned the place. It felt great to be naked and walking around. We were all over the resort. We talked with people that were clothed and some that were naked like us. As we walked around we saw all kinds of sex acts being played out all over the resort. There were couples (FM, FF, MM) making out and having sex. Right out in the open you could see a girl eating the pussy of another girl or a guy sucking another guy\'s cock. There were people all over the place having sex. It seemed like there were more same-sex coupes that opposite sex.

The guys would leave us for a run to the bar and we would get in some girl talk while they were away. On about the third trip the the bar, Kim looked at me and asked what was wrong. I tried to play like there was nothing on my mind but she could see right through me. She simply said, \"is it that we are bi and that we had already done some of the same stuff that we had seen tonight?\" I smiled and she could see that she was right. She grabbed my hand and lead me away. She took me to a secluded spot where we could talk and just be ourselves. We talked about all kinds of sex and what we had already seen that night. She said there\'s nothing like watching your husband suck a cock or even fuck someone else and conversely, theres nothing like having a girl eat your pussy and have your hubby there to watch.

I asked if Dan sucked cock and she said it was one of his favorite things to do and jokingly said that if Tim played his cards right, he might find out how good Dan is at it and playfully punched me in the arm. I then remember that the guys wouldn\'t know what had happened to us and that we should look for them. She said not to worry that Dan knew we would be alright. While we sat there and talked, a couple of guys came over and sat down close to us and started making out. We were quite as not to disturb them and just sat and watched. They kissed for a while and then you could see it was going to progress into something more. After a few minutes, one of the guys was sucking the other guys cock. It\'s then that I noticed Kim had moved to a sitting position behind me and her body was pressed up against mine and I could feel he fake tits pressing into my back. She leaned forward and was whispering into my ear about how erotic it was to watch the guys sucking their cocks.

I have to admit, it was getting my pussy pretty wet watching them. Kim kept whispering into my ear and I could feel her hands begin to rub up and down my arms and across my flat belly. It was starting to feel good too. After a few minutes, the guy getting the blowjob came in his friends mouth. It was as ight to see to. I really enjoyed it. I think I might have moaned a little too, because they both looked up at me and smiled as they changed position so they could switch places. Kim was getting to me and I could feel her pinching my nipples and squeezing my tits as we watched the other guy getting his cock sucked.

Once Kim could feel that I was not resisting, I felt her hand on my pussy. It felt sooo good too. I came instantly and moaned a lot. Oh my that felt good. I was a little surprised at how quickly I came too. Kim whispered in my ear that she wanted me to suck my pussy juices off of her fingers. I must have really been horny because I agreed to it and she put her fingers in my mouth and I sucked all of my juices from her fingers. I tasted good!!! SKim asked if I liked what I had tasted and I said yes. Then she whispered in my ear that I should taste it again and to use my own fingers. I did it and then she whispered for me to get my fingers wet for her to lick them so she could taste my juices. So I put my fingers in my pussy and got them nice and wet and put them in her mouth. It felt soo good when she sucked my fingers clean.

She then said to open my mouth that she had s surprise for me. I knew what was coming but readily opened my mouth and she put her fingers in. Her fingers tasted different so I knew before she told me what she had done that they were wet with her pussy juice. She then whispered that it tastes better if you get it from a wet pussy and that she had one ready for me lick. I must have really been horny because I was ready to eat my first pussy and I wanted to so bad too. I told her I wanted to but I couldn\'t do it here in the open and suggested going back to our room. She said it was a great idea and we stood up and walked back to the room Tim and I were staying in. Along the way, Kim gently slide her hand down around my ass and it felt soo good so I did the same thing to her. At this point, it didn\'t matter if someone saw me rubbing or even grabbing another girl\'s ass because I wanted to be doing it and didn\'t care who saw me doing it.

When we got back to the room, we could see that someone was on there. It was at this point I remembered that Tim was probably worried sick and was scouring the resort looking for me. What we saw when we got to the room lead me to believe otherwise. We slowly walked up the the glass door and peeked inside. Thankfully those damn curtains were still open! Because what we saw surprised me to no end. There on the floor, kneeling down in front of Dan was Tim. He had Dan\'s cock in his mouth and was sucking it for all her was worth.

Kim and I stood outside and watched as Tim sucked his cock until Dan rewarded him with a mouth full of cum. Tim being the trooper that he is, swallowed every drop. I looked at Kim and she smiled and trew open the door and walked in clapping her hands saying she could do better if she tried and congratulated Tim for being such a good cock-sucker. Tim just sat there all red faced and tried to explain how he and Dan had seen to guys in a 69 sucking each other\'s cocks and how much fun Dan had made it sound to suck a cock that he challenged Dan to suck his own and Dan took him up on the offer. He said he liked it so much he just wanted to return the favor and thats when we came in. Kim and I smiled and Tim asked why we were smiling and I said that its because I was about to eat my first pussy and thats why Kim and I came to the room so we could have a little privacy but I guess having our husbands watch would be ok.

Well, I did eat Kim\'s pussy and I even got around to sucking and fucking Dan too. I even asked for a repeat performance from Tim. I wanted to see him suck Dan\'s cock with the lights on. Kim and I even got to see them do a 69. Of course they asked us to do the same thing and I was happy to get Kim\'s juicy pussy again.

The next day was even more incredible, but thats another story

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