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It was christmas. Snow lightly fell across the grass outside while the wind pushed and twisted the tender flakes threw the air. I looked out the window of my grandparents house and got a chill as a gust of wind threw snowflakes against the glass. \"Bless this food to our bodies use, amen\" said my grandpa as a tear rolled down his cheek. It was the first time our family was together since my uncle pasted away. I looked across the table at my cousin Britany and sadness entered my heart for she had lost her dad during the most happiest time of the year.

For months i had noticed her growing into a flurishing young woman. She was maturing fast, a full chest and beautiful figure, even though she was only 19. I myself was a late bloomer and had just turned 19 myself not a month earlier.

Dinner went on as kept glancing over at her, wearing a dressy shirt but with 3 buttons undone at the top. Sometime i would catch myself staring and quickly join the conversation as if i had been paying attentions. It was time for desert and i reached for the ambrosia salad, but stopped as she reached at the same time and our hands met at the sweet salad below. I looked up and quickly moved my hand away. I blushed and let her dish her plate first. As she tried to shake the salad off the spoon, her breasts bounced up and down, almost the the beat of the Christmas music playing in the background. I couldn\'t help but stair as the last piece of marshmallow fell from the spoon onto her plate. I finally snapped out of my trance when i noticed her looking at my eyes. She knew i where i was looking, but instead of giving me and evil glare, she blushed.........

Dinner finished and we were saying our goodbyes. I had driven with my brother to the remote mountain town from the big city and we were ready to head back to our hotel room. \"Would you guys like to come over for a drink?\" said Britany. My brother and i accepted as we followed her car to her apartment, which turned out to be right across the street from out hotel.

Brittany\'s tits would not leave my mind as i imagined squeezing them and pinching her soft young nipples. I imagined how small and hard they must be in her age and i imagined how soft and warm they must feel. I had to wait in the car for a few minutes pretending to look for something while i waited for my throbbing cock to become less noticable.

My brother and i stayed for a couple hours enjoying a few drinks with her, when my brother mentioned how tired he was and was heading back. Sadness enveloped brittany\'s face as we got up to leave. I could tell she didn\'t want to be alone so i offered to keep her company. As my brother left, sick thoughts ran through my head. I wanted to push her on the bed and rip her cloths off. Kissing her softly as i ran my hand down her back. MY lust was overcoming and i had to sit down before she noticed the tent i was pitching downstairs.

I sat on her couch while she went to fix us a couple more drinks. As she walked to her kitchen, i lustfully gazed at her tight young ass and imagined it pressed against my waist. She turned and caught me looking, and i was sure she would give me a disgusted look, but instead, flicked her hips up and flung her hair with her fingers. Was that what i thought it was? was she flirting with me? i couldn\'t tell! She came back from the kitchen as i turned my head away as not to make myself obvious again. She sat down beside me and turned on the tv as she handed me my drink. I could only imagine how along she felt, her father passing away, no boyfriend for support, and it was a major turn on. I took a sip of my drink and almost gagged at the taste of vodka. I looked up at her and she looked back at me. Our eyes met and we sat there for a good couple minutes.

Thoughts were racing through my mind. WHy had she mixed me such a strong drink? Was she trying to get me drunk? WHy? I finished the drink and looked back at her. Her eyes were glimmering as she looked into mine. I noticed her hand shaking as she put her drink down and leaned into me a little closer. Our faces got closer and closer until all at once, we both lunged in and put our lips together. Instantly my sex drive overtook my reasoning. I knew she was family, i knew it was wrong but it felt so right, it felt so natural.

We kissed each other as we moved to her bedroom. She removed my shirt as i undid her tight jeans. As my shirt was coming off i looked back at her and saw her deep brown eyes, i saw her thirst, i knew what she was craving. I threw off her shirt and began undoing her bra as she removed my pants. They fell to the floor and i lay her down on her bed. I felt her body against mine, the warmth, the softness of her breasts against my chest. Up and down she went as i kissed neck slowly moving towards her tits. I could feel my penis pulsating in her hand as she positioned it infront of her pussy. She let go and ran her hand through my hair as we looked at each other. My cock was positioned at her entrance as we both stared into each others eyes. Her lustful gaze finally over took me as i thrusted it inside of her. She closed her eyes and moaned deeply as i continued to plunge my cock deeper inside of her. She was tight and warm, just like i had imagined. We rolled over and she got on top, bouncing up and down as i watched her juices flow onto me. I grabbed her boobs and squeezed them. It felt so good.

Up and down she went, he eyes shut and the sound of her heavy breathing filling the room. We rolled over again and i put a hand down her front and started rubbing her clit. I could feel her pussy tightening up and she breathed harder and faster. I felt the build up and the tingle in the cock and knew i was going to go. Faster and faster i pounder her until finally it went. Bliss, comfort and satisfaction entered my body. SHe let out a scream as i felt her tighten up and felt her cum flow out onto my penis, onto my stomach and all over her bed. I cummed harder as i felt the intense heat and liquid coming out of her. Her legs and body twitched at the intense pleasure She crossed her legs around me and put her arms across my back. I was so deep inside of her when i went, i could feel my cum explode inside of her. It was magical, it was heaven on earth. I never felt so satisfied in my life.

I dropped beside her and she never let me go. Her legs surrounding me, her arms around my neck and we fell asleep.

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