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Categories: Cuckolded, Oral Sex
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Location: A Public place
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
My wife and I board a train to the mountains looking forward to a relaxing trip to a scenic cabin. Imagine our surprise when we see that this train has also been booked as the \"party train\" and college kids from all over have jumped on for a winter break of skiing and drunken fun. I look with a smile as groups of attractive young women and men board, all with paper bags packed full of alcohol and snacks for the 5 hour ride up.

My wife and I settle into place at the back of a raucous car, already loud to the point of having to raise your voice for a simple conversation. We are social people so immediately order our own drinks and sit back for some people watching.

Several drinks and about 30 minutes into the trip we decide to stretch our legs and find that every car on the train is packed with the party goers. A little drunk, I start flirting with some girls playing drinking games. My wife, tipsy now, heads back towards our seats.

After a few shots and laughs, I begin my drunken stumble back towards our seats as well. Crossing between the cars, I catch a glimpse of my wife sitting at the end of a table surrounded by several athletic young men, all with beers and shot glasses in front of them. I smile to myself as my wife slams a shot and grabs a nearby beer for a chaser. She slams a card down I hadn\'t seen she was holding and a moment later all the guys cheer. Astonished, I watch as my wife - getting extremely red faced - pulls her shirt up reaviling her breasts bulging beneath a red bra to the applause of the half-dozen young men. She immediately pulls it back down in time to see the fellow next to her has filled her shot glass.

I rest on a nearby wall, pretending to be in line for the restrooms. Several hands later, I hear another cheer and stare in shock as each young man reaches across the cocktail table to take a feel of my wife\'s breasts! Plainly drunk now, her brazen attitude goes unnoticed in a sea of drunken young people, where many groups are also flirting lewdly. My wife wins the next hand and to my surprise, collects a wad of bills accumulated on the table. As if in challenge, each guy throws down the next ante, all twenty dollar bills. In a moment of partial lucidity, I see my wife try to sort out her thoughts from the drunken fever coursing through her body.

She throws down her last card and a unanimous cheer erupts from her table, everyone in the car turns toward her as she hides her face in embarrassment. Surprisingly, she scoops up all the bills, then takes the hand of the handsome sturdy man next to her. To my astonishment, she leads him right to where I\'m standing! I duck quickly into the restroom next to me.

In a drunken voice I hear her beckon the young man into the unoccupied restroom next to mine, only a thin wall separating us. I hear the lock slide on the door. \"Oh yeah baby, you ready for this?\" says the young man. My wife\'s answer is a mumbled slur. A few moments later, the guy starts moaning \"Unhh yeah\" \"Mmmmm, nice\". I listen in stunned silence to the unmistakable sounds of cock sucking. After only a few minutes that seemed more like eternity I hear the familiar grunts of pleasure as the young man unloads his seed into my wife\'s mouth.

Unsure of what to do, I decide to slip out while my wife is cleaning up. As I open the door I bump into a line of guys waiting for the restroom. Excusing myself, I sit in an empty chair and position myself to intercept my wife after she leaves. Expecting to see my wife stumble out with the young man I stare in realization of what this line is for. The door opens and a young man steps out, gives a high five to the first guy in line who then slips into the restroom as well.

Looks like I\'m in for a bit of a wait...

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