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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Oral Sex, Anonymity, The Audience / Voyeur, Steady Partner
Location: A Public place
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

We were going away for an extended romantic escapade, my master and I. Travelling by train, first class, I did not know exactly where we were going, what town, and my master had done all the packing. I did not let the largeish suitcase fool me: I knew there were more toys than clothes in there for me. I knew we would be gone for four days, and for all I knew, I was wearing all the clothes I would get. That too had been chosen by my master. A schoolgirl outfit, of all things.

France does not have any school where girls use that kind of a uniform. And anyway, I am not in my school years anymore and it shows. On me, people generally sense it is more of a fetish thing. It was complete, down to the pigtails, but of course I had no underwear. Stockings and suspender, my habitual rosebud, my leather collar and leather high-heeled shoes. Fortunately, the dress came down to just above my knees, and the top of the stockings did not show.

We were seated side by side, and the train was far from full, especially in first class. There was a middle-aged couple a few rows away accross the aisle, facing us. Actually, I could only see the husband, and even then barely. I could also see the top a few heads, here and there in the car, but that was it. Maybe twenty people all in all. I was seated by the window, and my master by the aisle. After a while, my master whispered to me:

« I am bored. Hike up your skirt and finger-fuck yourself. »

I blushed, cast a glance at the man I could see, but he was engrossed in his newpaper. So I immediately obeyed. Pulling up my skirt, I began rubbing my pussy, then inserted one then two fingers, as quicly as I could, and started fucking myself. The risk of getting caught was small enough that I could get completely into what I was doing. And I knew my master was watching me. He unbuttonned a bit of my blouse, to better expose my cleavage. My nipples were hard and so hot.

« Do not come », he said. « Keep at it, but open your eyes. »

I did. And noticed that the man accross the way was casting covert glances at me.

« Keep going, but look him in the eye when you can. »

So I did. I kept finger-fucking myself, hornier and hornier, and once or twice caught the guy’s eye. He usually averted his glance right away, but always looked back.

His wife got up. My master made me stop and cover quickly. She left in the direction of the snack car, which was a few cars away. As soon as she got past us, my master whispered into my ear :

« Walk up to him. Offer to suck his cock in the restrooms. If he says no, find another guy who will. And have him come on your face and shirt. »

I felt the burn of shame already. My master had been getting me used, gradually, to solliciting other men, offerring myself to strangers, but up until now, he had only made them feel me up of touch me. Now I would have sex with another man? Feeling really scared, I got up and walked up to the man.

« Excuse me, I said in a low voice. I noticed you were watching me.

« I was? Oh, sorry, I did not mean to stare.

« On the contrary. I meant for you to, I heard myself say. Would it be okay for you to come with me? I would like to give you a blowjob, somewhere quiet.

« What? Oh, uh… No, no, I mean… My wife will be coming back, she will wonder where I am.

« I will make you cum very quick, believe me. I have practise.

« No, miss, no. It simply… no…

« OK, thank you, mister. »

I got up again. Now, I had to find someone else. I looked around. My master was looking at me. I shook my head slightly. He only raised his eyebrows at me. I looked around in the car. Among the other passengers, there were mostly couples, but also a few men alone. I picked one on the cute side and went to sit by him.

« Can I help you? he said.

« Maybe. I am looking for a dick to suck. Can you help me?

« Is this a joke?

« Not in the least. I just really need a dick in my mouth, now. We can go somewhere quiet, like the restroom.

« O… OK. »

We both got up. I saw my master glance at me, then close his eyes like if he was sleeping. I led the man to the restroom. Someone saw us went in and stared at me with mild shock.

The inside was really cramped, but it would have to do. I sat on the toilet lid, and started unzipping his fly. He was between aroused and nervous, I guess, because his cock was not quite hard yet. Getting there enough, though, that I started licking it from the balls to the tip. That did the trick. Thinking of my master and that new taboo he was making me break, I closed my lips around this man’s cock.

I worked it as well as I could, ut i twas too short to really get into my throat. Nicely thick, though, and I really squeezed it with my lips. After a while of this, he tried to touch my breast, and undid another button on my shirt. My breasts popped out, and he pinched a nipple.

I was getting aroused by this, by the will to please my master no matter what, and sucked this guy as if my master was watching. But the man ended up grunting and said.

« Forget it, I’ll never cum. I’m just coming back from my girlfriend’s, I think she drained me out. »

I was disappointed and cross. My master had told me to have someone cum on me. Just my luck I would have to suck two people on my first time…

The man had zipped up and opened the door before I could close my shirt. He left, and I was the man who had seen us come in stare at me. From his haircut, he was either in the military, or doing national service. At least, he would not be spent… Rather than hide up, I looked at him and said.

« Well, it’s your turn if you want it. »

Rather stunned, he still stepped in, and locked the door behind him. Before I knew it, he had his cock in front of my face.

This one was long enough that I could deep-throat it, and by now I was in a hurry to get back to my master and satisfy him. So I sucked this stranger’s cock as well as I could, as fast as I could. When his breathing got shorter, I let go of his cock and wanked him in front of my face, while looking into his eyes and carressing my boob with the other hand.

He came on me, and I was right – he had been saving up. I held the shirt closed with my free hand, and his sperm fell on my face and my shirt. I even wiped his glans on my shirt,to make sure it was wet. Then I got up.

« Wow, thanks! » he said.

« Thank you. I needed that, I replied.

He handed me a tissue from the dispenser, but I declined. He said:

« But you’re, like, covered in it. You have some on your cheeks, on your chin… »

« That’s just the way I was told to get it, I said, then left.

I came back to my seat. My master was still pretending to be sleeping. As I turned around to get seated, I saw my original « victim’s » wife had returned. He looked at my face, and I saw his eyes widen. With a smile and a shrug, I sat back. Then, my master pretended to wake up.

« Honey, is everything alright? he asked.

« Yes, yes. I was just getting seated again.

« Where did you go? Wait… What is that on your face? Oh God ! he said quite loudly. You litthe slut ! You went and sucked omeon’s cock, didn’t you ? Like you always do ? Look at yourself ! Your shirt is covered in it, you have semen all over your face ? God, you stink of cum, you slut ! At least go and wipe your face ! Go !

My master gestured me back towards the restroom, and whispered « Go wipe your face on your shirt, without closing the door. ». I felt my face burning red hot. Obedient, I got up again, and felt all eyes turn to me. On trembling legs, I went back to the restroom, hearing a few hushed remarks, mostly unkind. I even heard a woman say:

« Dirty whore. She’s lucky her man puts up with it. »

I sighed inwardly. If she only knew.

When I came back, my face was dry, but my shirt even more wet, and my nipples were hard after exposing myself even briefly while I wiped my face. I sat back, my master pulled my skirt up and rubbed my clit until I came, teeth clenched not to scream.

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