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  By: ExtaticE  Age: 33  Country: Aruba

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Well, I live in a nice top apartment in my yard. It has a nice terrace that for my opinion could be better if only there wasn’t a big plain wall of a stupid building just in front of it. But well “it has its advantages”.. no windows, no gossipy big nose neighbours, how convenient for a little session of outdoor city ceiling yummy sex … Or at least I thought that.




So one day I invited a friend to come over, I was wearing the classic black little dress, maybe to little, but who cares, at the end f the evening I had delicious sex. In the terrace?? maybe you will ask, NO, it was hot, all over the carpet, all over the bed, all over the table, all over the bathtub, but no, no terrace for me that night.



At the morning I woke up, I only had room in my head for one and only thought “I want to do it in the terrace”. It was sunny and clear, so I leave my lover in the bed, took a refreshing bath with warm water, the idea of caressing me between the legs crossed my mind while I was rubbing clean my tights, but I stopped, I wanted all my orgasm hunger for the big main event.

So I began to clean the mess up.. in black high heel sandals, with a flirty lace bow in the ankle, a tiny black top and a thong. I was “so busy” with the broom next to the open terrace door than I didn’t notice when my boy woke up. He came next to me, said some trivial comment and kept staring at me, or my outfit or my nipples trough my top, who knows. I served for him a cup of coffee and he wandered around for a bit, then while I was bending over to reach some.. whatever nonexistence things, I saw his legs behind me and then I saw his underwear fell.. Bingo I said.



The next second he ripped off my thong and pushed me outside the terrace to have a better angle for finally put his huge dick inside my already wet, hot cunt. He just penetrated me without previous fooling around. The fucking was sooo great I couldn’t stop gasping, I still was all bended but now with my tits out and the top in my wrist. Suddenly I opened my eyes and started to look around…. The same furniture, plants, wall of the in front building.. and then OH shit! From that angle a lot of windows, flat floors and other terraces became visible, even the street on the corner was visible, and if those were visible for me.. yes, I was visible from those.



I felt a little shame for a minute and I said to my boy, “hey people could be looking at us”, he didn’t care a pea, in fact he said to me “really??” he smiled and added “like it wasn’t what you wanted filthy exhibitionist bitch” and began to fucking me so much harder.. There I lost it, I was very very aroused and horny, I just wanted more of his dick all inside me, I couldn’t stop groaning although my boy covered my mouth.. he threw me in the terrace couch and tit fucked me for a while, when I thought he will come on my face then he just continued in my pussy, finally he came all over my me.



Neighbours watched? I still don’t know. But every time I can I get a little (or a big) action in my sunny “private” terrace. :)



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