My Ugly Duckling: Part 2   added 8 years ago
  By: stokely  Age: 27  Country: United States

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“So?” my sister and doctor asked in unison waking me up from my daze. I wonder how long I was standing there gawking.



“Jinx you owe me a soda!” my sister cried out and the doctor just grinned. “What? I’m not joking! I want a sooooda!”


What is this? Is my sister flirting?



“Hey!” I cried out. They both turned to look at me and suddenly I felt like I was making a speech in front of my evil 9th grade English class.



“What?” my sister asked. And just then I noticed her blouse was unbuttoned.



I gulped, but nothing was there to gulp. I needed a soda myself.



Luckily, the doctor noticed where my eyes were trying not to look and he rushed in to the rescue. He straightened up her shirt and repeated the question we began with, “So? What do you think of the surgery?”



He already knew my answer from the bulge in my pants. Bulge in my pants?! I quickly looked for a chair so that I could stop looking down at my sister’s new chest. “Oh yeah you did a great job, Doc,” I mumbled looking away.



Suddenly my sister’s nipples were pressed hard against my chest. “Oh thank you thank you thank you!” she yelled into my ears. For a girl, she had a beast of a bear hug.



“Yeah Happy Birthday, Sis,” I said trying to push her off, “Let’s get a soda on our way home.”



She let go of my neck excited for her favorite cola – root beer – seven up mix, but she forgot her unbuttoned attire. I closed my eyes.



…to be continued

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