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More like a story than a fantasy,maybe...


My situation is either the worst or best thing that ever happened to me. My college roommate/friend is a gorgeous (I think), tall girly girl. She's a total nice girl-next-door type but she's still a hottie (she was on the danceline). She isn't like the total queen bitch type at all, but even if she isn't it's still weird that we ended up together since I was kind of a dork (compared to her).


We were lab partners senior year and we got to know each other pretty good. I let her do all the talking and laughed at all her jokes and shock shock we got along pretty good.


Well, as fate happened, it turned out we both got into the same school. I asked her who she was going to live with and it turned out we were like the only girls that were going there. Right away she asked if I wanted to live with her, just like that. She was like, I'm so glad I know someone else cool, I thought I wouldn't know anybody- all that stuff. I pretended to think about it and then was like, uh ok.


And as soon as I said it she was like "OMG thats so awesome!". She was like THRILLED I was going to be living with her. She gave like the biggest sweetest smile and like did this little girly bounce which made her boobs bounce up and down under her shirt when she said it. And I pretty much creamed myself right there, literally. I had to try not to like walk funny when I went home because I could feel my wet panties against myself when I walked (last period of the day, thank god).


For the last couple months before school started we hung out quite a bit. I was sort of like her sidekick but believe me, that was just fine. I did the whole girly girl thing and got all into all that cosmo stuff I normally don't care about. I mean I went all out- got my hair done, wardrobe, lacy underware all that. I wanted to be girlier than they were so no one thought anything, and it worked.


We went shopping a bunch of times together. No, I didn't get to watch her try on underware or follow her into the changing room or anything like that, but I did get to tell her what I liked. It was so erotic watching her come out of the changing room, even if it was just a pair of jeans. And then when she went back in, seeing them drop to the floor again... More than once when I got home I masturbated so hard I hurt myself.


Fast forward to now. We're getting to be like best friends. Whatever she wants to do, I'm there. She has no idea what I'd do for her though. I totally worship her. I love everything about this woman and she has no idea. She could do anything she wanted to me. Anything.


Anyways, every morning I lie in my loft and pretend to be asleep when she wakes up, in the hopes of catching a glimpse of her when she's getting ready for the shower or getting dressed. Every so often I catch a perfect gimpse of her, the morning light shining on her as I watch her soft breasts sway as she bends over to pick out her panties or pull her socks on. I'm sad when she leaves but at least I can finally relieve myself. If I don't I know she'll know somethings up. I'll lose it next time I see her dreaming she trimmed herself this morning in the shower just for me.


I lost it this weekend. She went home to see her family and I ended up staying. I'm so hard up I'm getting pretty perverted. I shouldn't even be saying this but if I don't I'll really explode. I went into her closet, her laundry, her sheets. I had to smell her, feel her. I put on her clothes and paraded in front of our mirror. I must have worn (or rubbed against myself) every pair of panties she had while touching myself. I licked them, sucked on them, I licked her boots. I fucked myself so hard with my hairbrush I could barely walk the next day.


Covering my tracks wasn't fun but it really wasn't that hard. (I never planned all that). She probably would never notice her panties were already clean, but I didn't take any chances either. I offered to throw her stuff in that night when she got back, 'since I was doing mine anyways'.


I do stuff like that for her. I'm probably just pathetic though. She's been talking to some guy. I hate him already.



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