Pushed into My car and fucked   added 8 years ago
  By: wolfman7421  Age: 47  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Force/Rape
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating

I can see you walking down the road in your smart suit. You feel someone behind you, but too late, as you feel My hand over your mouth and you're bundled into the car. You have a bag forced over your head as your hands are zip-tied behind you. You feel your skirt raised and your panties ripped off, a hand forces your head down and you feel someone trying to push their fingers inside you, three fingers are pushed into your pussy, your knees shake, the fingers penetrate you and push deeper, you try to scream, but can't through the seat.

Fingers spread your pussy wide and you feel a cock forcing its way inside you, nut deep and pushed in and out to lube it up.The cock is withdrawn and you feel a pressing on your terrified ass, I force Myself inside you,the pain is intense as the head is forced in all the way balls deep, stretching the walls of your tight black ass, pushing your head into the seat to muffle your screams.

I pull out, all the way, leaving your ass violated and gaping, then back in, so deep and hard My balls bang on your clit. Your soft, muffled crying turns Me on so much, I push Myself inside you, feeling your tender tightness, your ass feels so good, milking me, pulling on My head as I pull out, to force Myself deep inside again, faster and faster. I feel My balls tighten, wet with your pussy juice, I can feel you tighten as you cry, your ruined ass squeezing My cock in time to your sobs. You start to breath faster as I push Myself inside you, ripping your blouse to grab and squeeze your tits, holding you down with the other hand on your neck, forcing you into the back seat, your butt-rape is MY pleasure, pushing Myself in and out, pumping faster and faster.

You feel something brush your wet pussy, then your own panties are forced inside, soaking up your sweet juices, you feel Me swelling inside you, your breath comes in frightened, exited, sobs as you feel Me pinch your nipples, pulling hard on them, pushing Myself DEEP inside, faster and faster, hammering your tight ass. Using your hair as reins, I pull you onto My cock, forcing Myself deep inside you.

I slap your ass as I ride it, hard on the left and right cheeks, making them angry and red, again, a ringing slap to your red ass, stinging and painful. The pounding your ass is taking is forcing the panties from your pussy, wet and sweet smelling. I pull them out, putting them to My face and drinking in your fresh juices. I can't hold it, your sobs and ripped panties push Me to go even faster, your pussy soaking My balls with juice....

You feel Me force Myself far inside you, filling you to the brim, holding Myself inside as I pulse, flooding your ass with cum. I crush your tit in My hand, filling you with hot jizz, pushing your face into the seat to stop you screaming. I pull My cock from your ass, still pumping cum, splashing your red cheeks with My white jizz.

Turning you round, I pull the hood off, wiping My shit stained dick on your wet panties, you start to cry gently, but feel My cock forced into your mouth, throat fucking you to silence, cleaning Myself in your filthy slut mouth, in and out, down your throat, still dribbling cum. The zip-ties are cut, freeing your hands, you feel the cool air on your hot ass cheeks as the door is opened and you're pushed out of the car, left on the sidewalk, semi-naked, sore, sobbing and very wet, cum dripping from your raped ass I drive away, laughing, putting My cock back in My pants....

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