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  By: Slayzee  Age: 40  Country: South Africa

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Location: A remote island
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Nature: Romantic

Very few things top going out on a glass bottomed boat, effortlessly gliding over the coral reef. Bounties of vividly colored fish scamper along the seabed. Civilization seemed a million miles away, well the hotel anyway. That’s really the closest thing to the civilized world that we had.

We had spent the morning lazing on the beach, sipping Pina Coladas and Planters Punch. Every now and then, I would steal a gaze at your beautifully bronzing body, glistening with a mixture of sweat and tanning oil, the sun highlighting each curve that peered out provocatively from your bikini.

After lunch, we had opted to rent a boat and take it our over the reef, we wanted to explore the multitude of uninhabited islands that dotted the ocean around our hotel. There must have been twenty or thirty of them, no trace of human intrusion, but close enough to our hotel to make them worthwhile.

For about two hours we had drifted in and out of the islands, motoring up channels in between the white beaches, slowly chugging along inspecting each one in turn.

By the time the storm came up, we were hovering around the three islands furthest from the hotel, about a ten kilometer boat ride. Being this far out, the swells in the sea hit us first. The boat pitched and rolled with the waves, there was nothing we could do except try and find shelter on one of the islands closest to our boat.

I gunned the engine and made for shore. We hit the beach as hard as we could to try and get the boat as high up on the sand as possible. Tying the mooring line to a palm tree, we walked inland.

The island was strangely large. We were not expecting such as expanse of palm trees. About fifty meters in, we found a thicket that would do very nicely as the frame for our shelter. We would need shelter for at least a few hours until the storm blew over. We spent some time gathering palm leaves and vines with which to fashion some sort of roof to keep us dry. It wasn’t quite as easy as I thought it would be. Those people on Survivor must have had some kind of outside help.

Well, a wet hour later it was finished, we had a dry spot to sit and a floor of soft palm leaves to lie on. As we lounged on the greenery, you rested your head on my chest and breathed a huge sigh, a sigh that could only mean you were really happy right where you were.

The storm did not let up, the sun went down and the rain remained. Eventually after a good few hours, the storm subsided and the rain stopped. We had been dozing on and off, our bodies tightly wrapped around each other. Noticing the sudden quite, we got up and walked out from our shelter. Darkness had set in and there was no way we could make it back to the hotel without any light. We decided to stay on our desert island for the night and return back the next morning.

The first thing we would need was a fire, even though we were in the tropics, the rain had cooled the air and we needed some warmth. My boy scout training from years before has taught me top always be prepared. Before we had left the hotel, I had packed a waterproof bag containing matches, a bit of newspaper, a flashlight and a few energy bars. We managed to retrieve some dry wood from deep inside the thicket. We soon had a roaring fire and we were warm once again.

We sat against the framework of the shelter, you in front of me, leaning against me. We gazed into the flames, completely aware of our isolation from the rest of the world. As the wood crackled a strange feeling of warmth washed over us. We moved closer together. My hands slid up your thighs and onto your stomach. Moving further up I reached your bikini top. I found that your nipples were already hardening. With a deft move, I slipped my hands underneath and grasped your breasts. They felt full and round as I squeezed them. Your head moved back to rest on my shoulder. I bent my head down and began kissing your neck and a low moan escaped your lips.

The setting was perfect, just the way you had always wanted. A deserted island, the two of us, a roaring fire and the nightsky above us.

My hands continued working on your breasts, my tongue on your neck. You reached behind you and wrapped your arms around my neck, your sighs turned to moans. My right hand slid off your breast and snaked it’s way down your stomach towards your bikini bottom. It slipped underneath the material and onto your perfectly trimmed pubic patch. We had spent a little while the night before removing most of the hair and turning it into a little triangle. You wanted your pubic area to be bald but I wanted a little place where I could nuzzle my nose the next time my face was down there.

I stroked your pubic mound for a bit before moving further down. I found your hard little clit and began massaging it. Your legs opened a little wider, giving me total unrestricted access to your sex. My mouth moved off your neck and onto your earlobe which I sucked seductively. I breathed heavily into your ear and watched the skin on your neck break out into a sea of goosebumps.

My hand slid away from your clit and moved towards your lips. working my middle finger between them, I felt your juices surge forward. Without any effort at all, my finger slipped into you. I rubbed up and down the inside of your pussy, feeling every bump. I slid a second finger into you and felt your body stiffen. I needed to get that bikini bottom out of the way. I took my hand out and pushed the fabric to the side, that’s better! My left hand moved down to hold the bikini aside while my right hand resumed it’s task. I coated my finger with your juice and rubbed it all over the outside of your pussy, making sure the whole area was nice and wet. My fingers were inside you again. This time, you grasped my hand with yours and drew my hand up to your mouth. You sucked the two fingers into your mouth and cleaned all your juice off them. I like a woman who enjoys the taste of her own pussy.

You turned around and pressed your lips against mine. You thrust your tongue into my mouth, I could taste your juices on your tongue. While we kissed, I removed your bikini top and tossed it aside. You stood up and allowed me to do the same with your bikini bottom. I lay back and you positioned yourself over my face. Very slowly, you sat down, covering my mouth with your pussy. I instantly forced my tongue into you. Well, I didn’t really have to force it in, not with the amount of juice you were generating!

I reached up and gripped your breasts again while I licked. I wanted to get my tongue as far inside you as I could. Rocking back and forth, you rode my face, your clit rubbing against my nose. Your hand joined mine on your breasts as you approached your orgasm. I looked up at you, your head was thrown back in ecstasy, your eyes tightly shut, your chest heaving with each breath. I closed my eyes and worked furiously at your pussy, encouraging your climax.

A loud scream pierced the night.

My face was flooded with your juices. You bucked and rocked on my face, wanting the orgasm to last as long as you could make it. Gush after gush of your juice cascaded onto my face and ran down my cheeks. You grabbed my head and pulled it into you trying desperately to get my tongue further inside. Another scream as another wave of orgasm hit you.

Your bucking got slower, your scream turned back into moans, your head began to flop forward, your body began to go limp. Your orgasm was over.

You slid your body down until you were lying on top of me. You grasped my face in your hands and we kissed once more, sharing every drop of juice that your body had expelled. You removed you tongue from my mouth and licked your way over my chest and down my stomach. You swiftly took my shorts off, allowing my rock hard dick to jump out at you. Your mouth was immediately on it. Gulping down as much of the length as you could, you sucked the instrument that would soon be mercilessly thrust into you. In an instant, the shaft was covered in a mixture of your saliva and your juices.

the storm clouds had passed and the moon was exposed, my slippery shaft glistening in the light. You licked up and down it’s length, savouring every inch. You hand wrapped around its base began jerking it off. This felt almost as good as the inside of your pussy! Your mouth was on it again. With one deft move, you slid my entire cock into your throat. Lifting your head off, you scraped you teeth along it’s length. Your mouth had never felt this good! I wondered where your other hand was and soon realized it was down on your pussy. You were fingering yourself while you sucked, imagining it was my cock inside you rather the your two fingers.

Getting up, you placed my cock at the entrance to your pussy. All of a sudden, you dropped, taking my length all the way into you. The air escaped both our lungs with a loud woosh! Leaning over, you took a piece of a mango we had half eaten earlier. You squeezed the juice over your breasts and watched as it made it’s way towards our sexes. The mango mixed with your juice and saliva, turning this sexual encounter into a gourmet feast!

Discarding the mango piece, you supported yourself on my chest and rode my cock for all you were worth. I grasped your hips and assisted you in forcing another orgasm. Moving one hand to your clit, I rubbed it while your pussy massaged the cum towards the head of my cock. All at once, my orgasm began. You lifted yourself off me, grabbed my cock and jerked the cum out of it. A fountain of cum shot out, covering the two of us, maxing with all the different juices that glistened on our bodies.

You collapsed on top of me, the juices spreading over our skin. We kissed again, savouring each others mouths and bodies. You sank down onto my cock again, clenching your pussy muscles, trapping me inside you. We drifted off to sleep.

The sun was hot and high in the sky when we woke up. I was still inside you, the juices that we had spread over each other were now like a glue, keeping us together. With a bit of effort, we parted from each other, I pulled my cock out if you.

We stood up and made our way to the sea, not stopping to worry about clothes. We sank into the water, washing the stickiness off ourselves. You came over to me and pulled yourself up my body wrapping your legs around my waist. My cock found it’s way back inside you as we clamped our mouths together.

“How about some breakfast back at the hotel?” I asked
“Hmm, maybe tomorrow. Lets stay here one more night. The are so many other fruits on the island, it would be a shame to leave without trying them all!”

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