The Weekend Away (Part 2)   added 8 years ago
  By: mavin999  Age: 44  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Identified partner, Oral Sex
Tags: romantic erotic
Location: A resort
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
Later after we had come back we decided to have dinner in the cabin instead of going to the lodge & eat at the restaurant, so I made a fire up in the living room & lit a few candles, so we could have a romantic setting while Sam went & changed in the bedroom, a few minutes later she returned wearing a short black dress with black stockings, she asked me what I thought, I just stared & said wow you look fantastic, I just looked at her figure in that dress it didn’t leave a lot to the imagination & her lovely long legs encased in those black stockings wow I could’ve died & still been happy. We sat by the fire on the rug eating dinner & talked about our day skiing needles to that I am no good at it so I had to go on the bunny slopes, how embarrassing.

After dinner I leaned forward & whispered in her ear & told her that she looked amazing again. She blushed & said kiss me, I moved my lips round to meet hers & kissed her gently at first & then got more passionately she lay on her back while I slid the straps down from her dress releasing her breasts, lowering my head I suck on one nipple getting erect & then the other she pushes my head up from her & says get up, I get up & she unbuttons my trousers taking out my hard cock & starts licking down one side then back up & down the other, she did this for a few minutes & then started flicking the tip with her tongue, all the time I am moaning & then I feel her lips go over my cock as she starts sucking slowly getting faster & stroking my balls with her hand.

Next thing I know Sam has stopped sucking my cock & has moved over to the sofa & sat down with her legs open & massaging her pussy moaning, she looks absolutely gorgeous in the light of the fire, the only way to describe her is that she was one horny angel. I walked over to the sofa & knelt down in front of her & moved her hand out the & parted her lips with my fingers looking at her pussy glistening in the firelight I inserted two fingers into her pussy slowly massaging her inside getting all her juices all over my fingers, I move my mouth down & start ed licking her gently at first listening to her whimpering then I start pushing my tongue in & deeper.

Sam then grabs my head & pushes me further into her she then starts to shudder & cums. She takes her hands away from my head & pulls me up towards her kissing me licking her juices of my mouth. I then kneel & enter her dripping pussy as she cries out oh yes, I slowly start to fuck her, my cock covered in her juices. I then feel her silky stocking legs wrapped around my waist so that I’ve got to push deeper into her making her cum even more, she pulls me towards her & starts kissing me violently biting my bottom lip trying not scream.

Sam then releases my waist & tells me to stand up. She moves forward to the edge of the sofa & takes my cock in one hand & starts wanking it then she moves her head towards it & opens her mouth & swallows it whole, she starts sucking faster & faster, until my cock goes rock hard & starts jerking inside her mouth, I let out a soft moan as she starts licking my cock dry with that amazing tongue of hers. Needless to say the rest of the weekend was the same & we never really had much energy left to fit in anymore skiing.

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