The Weekend Away (Part 1)   added 8 years ago
  By: mavin999  Age: 44  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Oral Sex, Identified partner
Tags: erotic romantic
Location: A resort
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
Sam & I had decided on a long weekend break skiing at this lodge our friends had mentioned. I rang up to book a cabin they said that there was only one left & booked it for that weekend.

When we got there the place was just as beautiful as our friends had mentioned, Sam went up to the reception desk & picked up the keys. We then made our way to our cabin. Sam unlocked the door & went in I went & put our suitcases in the bedroom as Sam came in behind me & said she was going to get out of her clothes & grab a shower, I thought to myself that sounds a great idea. Sam started to undress & then turned the shower on I stood staring into the bathroom looking at the shadow through the frosted glass door of the shower & all I could think about was that I wanted her there & now.

I started to get undress & headed towards the bathroom I slid the door to shower open & stepped in, Sam had her back to me but heard me come in & asked what kept you; she looked gorgeous from behind her as she ran her hands through her wet dark hair. The way the water just ran down her back she looked amazing. I stepped up behind her & said I’m here now, as I brushed her hair to one side & gently kissed the side of her neck & then started kissing my way around the back of her neck till I was on the other side gently caressing her neck with my tongue. I slowly started to kiss my way down her back using both my mouth & tongue over every inch of her; I could hear her moaning softly. I then worked my way back up her glistening wet body until I got back up to her neck.

I turned her round & kissed her on the lips gently at first & then more passionately & then with a little bit of force, I then started to work my down the front of her body, kissing & sucking on her now erect nipples. I could hear Sam whispering in my ear don’t stop, please don’t stop, I continued working my way down her body kissing & gently flicking my tongue all over her body until I was on knees gently parting her lovely long legs & slowly started kissing the inside of her thighs working my way up to her dripping wet pussy, I raised one of my hands & parted her lips & gently started caressing her clit with the tip of my tongue, by now Sam was whimpering & caressing her wet tits, I carried on licking her pussy slowly penetrating her pussy with my tongue tasting that sweet juice of her& then started working my back up her body flicking my tongue round her belly button for a little while & then carrying on up to her breasts all the time the hot water was running down her body gorgeous body & bouncing of those fully erect nipples.

I raise myself to my feet & kiss her full on the lips moving my body closer to her I could feel her pussy grinding against my rock hard cock. She whispers in my ear I want you deep inside me now. I turn her around & gently slide my cock deep inside her soaking wet pussy. I slowly slide my cock in & out of her as she starts moaning, the water trickling down of her back & around her asshole & onto my glistening cock mixing with her juices. I started picking up speed until I am really fucking her hard her moaning turning to loud screams of I’m cumming as her whole body shudders & then she quivers to a orgasm at the same time I push my cock really deep inside her & explode in her.I let my cock slide out of her pussy still glistening with the mixture of her pussy juice ^ the warm water form the shower. I lean forward & kiss the back of her neck. We both then step out of shower & dry each other of & get ready to do a bit of skiing.

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