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  By: Slayzee  Age: 40  Country: South Africa

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, The Fetishists
Tags: Castle bondage
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I stood at the window on the top floor of a 17th century castle, nestled deep in the green countryside and watched your car pull up. You got out and made your way to the front door. The hinges creaked as you pushed it open. You walked in and noticed a small table in front of you with a vase on it. In the vase was a single long stemmed red rose with a note attached to it.

Looking down, you noticed a trail of rose petals leading towards the flight of stairs to your right. Reaching the first floor landing, you turned left and followed the trail to the second flight. Upon reaching the third floor, the trail stopped.

Suddenly, a wall mounted firelamp ignited. It startled you. As you watched, a second lamp spontaneously burst into flame, then a third. They formed another trail down a passageway. You began following the light. As you walked, more and more lamps ignited until you were standing at a door. As if by magic, the door opened to reveal a large sumptuous bedroom, decorated in rich golds, reds and purples.

In the centre of the room stood a massive four poster Baroque bed with a canopy. At the foot of the bed, stood another table with a vase on it. Another red rose gazed at you. This time, however, there was no note.

You began walking towards the huge full length window on the left of the room.
“Stop” came a voice
Whirling around, you saw nobody.
“Put your handbag down on the chair and sit on the bed” the voice commanded
Still not knowing where the voice was coming from, you obeyed.

The bed was soft and comfortable. Looking at the corner posters, you noticed there was a steel ring attached to the wood.

“Take off your clothes” the voice came back
“Where are you” you demanded to know.
“I am…everywhere. Take off your clothes”

You stood up and began removing your top. You heard music playing. Rich instrumentals, sensuous vocals and heavy bass beats. The music felt like it was inside your head. Your knee length black skirt followed your shirt onto the same chair that held your bag. Your black lace bra and panties completed the ritual.

“Lie down on the bed” the voice commanded again. “On the pillow, you will find a black eye mask. Put it on”

Part of you tried to resist, not knowing what was going to happen next and wanting to keep your wits about you. There was a larger part of you that felt powerless to resist. You felt compelled to obey, like your mind was not giving you a choice, like an invisible force was moving you towards the bed”

You found the mask and wrapped it around your head.
Light was gone.

You slowly lay down. Your breathing had become shallow and rapid. Stripped of your sight, you could only rely on your hearing. The curtains flared and a cool breeze blew through the room. Goose bumps broke out on your skin and you bare nipples instantly hardened.

Then, you felt it.

It began at your feet and was moving up the outside of your leg. You could not make out what it was. It was soft and velvety. Like silk but not like silk. You felt it move over your hips and up your arm. It traced a line across your shoulders, over to your other arm and began it journey back down your body. Upon reaching your foot, it moved onto the top of your leg and began moving up again. It circled around your stomach and moved upwards between your breasts. It caressed your neck and face and then, as soon as it had begun, it vanished. Something inside you wanted to rip the mask off and see what it was.

Something else, at your foot, grasping your ankle.
On a hand, but what was the hand doing.
It grasped your ankle and wrapped something around it. It felt like sheepskin with a strange twist.
The hand took the other ankle and more sheepskin wrapped around your skin.
“Click…click” was all you heard.

The hand took you hand from beside your body and moved it above your head. Another wrap of sheepskin, this time around your wrist “Click”

Your left hand was next. More sheepskin. “Click”


Blindly, you tried to hear movement. Tried to hear where the hands were. Tried to hear who they belonged to.


Something soft and smooth touched your calf. Like skin but not like skin. Lips

They softly caressed you.

The skin on your leg became more sensitive than normal, responding to every touch, every breath that escaped my mouth.

I kissed my way up your thigh, across your waist and onto your other leg. The kisses were soft and light. Your skin strained to feel each one. I left your legs and rained kisses over your stomach, following the path that the full blooming rose had made earlier. In between your breasts, over your neck and across your face. I had purposefully ignored every major erotic zone your body had. I wanted to make sure that when I got to them, every little nerve ending would be standing on end, aching for my touch.

My lips moved towards your ear. I kissed the lobe and gently exhaled. My warm breath sounded like a storm.
All at once, I sucked your earlobe into my hungry mouth. Then, stopped.
You tried to cover your ear but found that you were unable to move either one of your arms. You strained against the ropes that held you to the bed. That’s what the steel rings were for. You tried to move your legs, only to find that they too were restrained.
You were trapped, unable to move, unable to resist.

I brought my mouth to yours and brushed my lips against you. Your mouth opened and your neck strained, trying to get at my mouth. I moved back and slowly licked your lips. Your tongue escaped and searched for mine.

This time it found was it was looking for and I kissed you. My tongue darted into your mouth and licked your tongue. You tasted sweet, like pineapples and honey. Our mouths pressed against each other and the passion of our kiss heightened. My hand found your breast and squeezed. Our kiss went on.

My hand moved down your body and found your pussy. You had removed all the hair surrounding it, just like I had asked. The skin was smooth and soft, just like your pussy itself. Moving my fingers further down, I felt your juices. They were warm and plentiful. Your body had no resistance as I slid a finger into you. A small moan escaped your lips. You tried to kiss me again but found my mouth was no longer there.

It reappeared where my finger once was. I pressed my mouth against your flesh and licked your beautiful skin. Up and down and long languid motions moved my tongue, occasionally venturing inside you. Your clit was swollen and full. The skin around your pussy has taken on a reddish hue, indicative of the increased blood flow to the region. I sucked your clit into my mouth and let my tongue lick it while I trapped it between my teeth.

Your moaning became louder. My hands gripped your trembling thighs as my tongue worked your little button. My tongue ability to sustain this rapid flicking motion was working to my advantage. You were closing in on an orgasm and I had no intention of letting up until you were spent. Your head thrashed from side to side and you fought against the ropes that held you. Your body bucked like a wild horse. Your moans became cries, screams, yells.

Al of a sudden your body stiffened. Your muscles battled the restraints. You lifted your trembling body off the bed as you began to cum.
Wave after wave of pleasure washed over you. Your body released a torrent of juice from your pussy, drenching my face but I still did not cease my onslaught. I inserted two fingers into you and you responded with a yell. The timing was perfect. Your orgasm came as a crescendo. Then you fell limp.

Lying on the bed, the mask still in place, you endured little spasms of pleasure as your orgasm finally subsided.

I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself between your legs. Your pussy was now well lubricated, ready to accept my waiting dick. I placed the head at your entrance and in one smooth motion, buried myself inside you.

I lay on top of you, kissing your neck. Through the connection we shared, I could feel your heartbeat pulsating inside you against my cock. Without moving, we lay together. I reached down and removed the shackles from your legs. Your raised your legs and wrapped them around my waist. I then freed your hands which you wrapped around my neck.

We kissed again. This time, you could taste yourself on my mouth and tongue. You found this strangely erotic and did not stop the kiss. You wanted to share your juices with me. As we kissed, I began thrusting into you. My pelvic bone bumping against your already sensitive clit. The spasms returned. Every thrust into you brought a little cry from your mouth. Our mouths remained locked in passion and my dick pounded into you.

Then I stopped.

I lay on the bed next to you. You rolled over onto me and quickly sat down on my waiting hardness. Thrusting backward and forward on me, you searched for your second orgasm. Placing your hands on my chest, you drove my cock deeper into you. Your climax approached. For the second time that night, your body released it’s love juice onto me. I felt the wetness run over my balls and onto the bed. I could not hold on any longer. With one last almighty thrust, I shot my cum into you.

Riding me like a wild stallion, you commanded more seed from me. You tore off your mask and crushed your lips against mine.

Our combined orgasms subsided and we lay spent against each other. Sleep overtook us, our bodies still locked together.


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