The old friend   added 8 years ago
  By: mavin999  Age: 44  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Identified partner, Oral Sex
Tags: restaurant romantic
Location: My House
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
I was waiting at the bar in the restaurant for my old school friend to arrive, she rang & said she was running a bit late & said she would get a taxi & meet me at the restaurant instead of me coming to get her so I could keep our reservations.The waitress came up to me & said my table is ready. I got up & followed her I told her that my friend will be joining me soon & ordered a glass of white wine for myself. A few minutes later Charlotte arrived & waitress showed her to my table; she looked amazing, she was wearing a long figure hugging red dress with a long split up the side & a neckline that showed of her perfectly formed breasts & lovely cleavage.She said sorry for being late but she couldn’t decide what to wear & she said she had a choice between what she is wearing & a black strapless dress, I told her she looked beautiful with what she has on, she blushed & said thank you.We sat & talked about the old times & then I felt this foot slide up the inside of my leg & started to massage my cock. I looked up from my meal at her & she had that same cheeky grin on her face like she did when we were kids. I lowered my hand down under the table & felt her stocking foot & started massaging her toes.

After we finished our meal she asked if I wanted to go back to her place. When we got there we went into the front room & sat on the sofa. Charlotte leaned over towards me & started kissing me & then started to unbutton my shirt & slowly started kissing my chest working her way down my body till she got to my trousers, she unzipped me & released my now rock hard cock & started licking up & down it & then raised her head & looked at me with that cheeky smile again & lowered her mouth down taking my cock all the in right down to the balls, I released a soft moan from my mouth as she continued to suck my cock.

Charlotte then starts to work her way back up my body again & then kisses me on the lips & then stands up I join her & step towards her I put my hands on her shoulders & lower the straps until her dress falls to the floor. I spend a minute or two looking at her slender lovely body savouring every inch of her standing there. I move my eyes lower & notice for the first time she has got no knickers on She then says I didn’t have any knickers on at all tonight. I move towards her & kissed her & I slowly started working my way down her body licking her nipples, gently, working my way down her body licking around her petite bell button as she lets out a soft moan.

I kneel in front of her & part her legs feeling the silky stockings against my hands & then move my mouth towards her wet pussy smelling the sweet musky scent as I gently part her lips with two of my fingers & gently start licking her from the tip working my way round her parted lips & gently protruding my tongue in deeper until her soft moaning starts to becoming whimpering & then she says I can’t wait anymore I want you deep inside me now. I get up & she pushes me back onto the sofa & gets on top of me facing so I can get my tongue around her nipples as she rides me crying more, more.

I push my cock deeper & deeper into her & she starts going wild & pushing slamming back down on my cock. By now she has cum so much that my cock just slides in & out covered in her juices. I push so deep into her one last time & explode inside her, she starts quivering at the same as she cums in one intense moment. My cock slides out of her soaking wet pussy covered in a mixture of her juices & mine, she gets of me & kneels down front & licks my cock dry & then she looks up at with that cheeky smile & wipes her mouth dry with her hand & says to me how about staying the night & you can have the same again in the morning.

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