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My sister was the most unattractive girl I have ever known. She was one of those girls who has a million guy friends, but no boy friend. Sometimes I even confused her of being slightly on the lesbian side, but I was proven wrong. Come senior year, she got a prom date. I was thrilled and jumped for joy when she exclaimed of the news. With a grin, I bought her prom attire and rented out a nice limo and everything. I was so excited. It was set. She was finally going to get laid.


Her prom date dumped her at the dance itself. Even more so, she was the one who asked. Even yet, she’s had a crush on the guy her entire high school career. As depressing as it was, her tears just wouldn’t tear. They simply dried up from a lifetime’s worth of experience and all she could do was whimper in the closet.

Honestly I don’t know why she was crushing on the guy so much, and being the older sibling, I wanted to kick the guy’s ass. She yelled and scratched and kicked and punched. Ow, that punch was quite convincing. Shh, it really wasn’t.

I was left to merely sigh at the conundrum, seemed like I couldn’t do much. So instead, I decided to sell my awesome car with an oh so sad face. Sold within a week, it racked up just enough money to pay for a plastic surgery, my baby sister’s fifteen thousand dollar birthday present.

Weeks past and I was finally freed from the mummy living across the hall. I tried to sit, I tried to stand; it was almost like as though I had an ass surgery. I was just so anxious to see if my car had given my sister a new chance.

A few minutes after my umpteenth sit – stand, the doctor invited me in. I nearly toppled him over when rushing in and nearly did twice when I saw her.

I thought it was the wrong girl, so I yelled, “Hey doc, where’s my sister?” All he did was smile.

“I’m right here,” my sister said with her cute baby voice.

“No way,” I mumbled. I must have sounded like such an idiot. All I could muster up was two words. But I didn’t care. I couldn’t help but stare down at my blushing sister.

Blushing… hot… sister.

…to be continued


*Please leave comment/message me if I should continue with this story. Otherwise this story will not be "to be continued"*

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