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  By: johan  Age: 39  Country: United States

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Categories: Masturbation, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: submissive blindfold toys domination Control
Location: My House
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

Its just a random Tuesday and I was out playing softball with the guys so you weren't expecting to see me. You are at your apartment watching some reality TV that you would normally never admit to watching. Around 11 you get a call from me.

You answer the phone- surprised I am calling. "Hey there! How did the game go?"
"We won- and tonight I am coming over to take advantage of you. Get yourself ready."
You simply say OK and hang up the phone...

You smile to yourself and wonder what the proper way to "get ready" is. You assess what you are wearing- just a tshirt and your comfortable cotton panties. Whats the best way of greeting me if you are going to be taken advantage of? Putting on one of the several halloween costumes you have been known to wear for me from time to time? Secretary? The school girl outfit would be appropriate, but you don't even know how long you have to get ready. You think about just putting on some sexier underwear, but end up thinking that being naked would simply be more appropriate. You go unlock the door and leave your shirt and panties near the door so I will have to step over them when I come in.

You then consider how to wait for me. Slowly masturbating on the couch with a video on? In the shower? On your knees waiting for me to walk in and slide my cock in your mouth? Blindfolded? Handcuffed? Some combination of these? So many intriguing possibilities. But since you are the one being taken advantage of it probably shouldn't be your decision to make. You decide to just make yourself as exposed as possible and give me plenty of options for how to fuck you.

You take a couple minutes to collect some objects from around the house. You start with the blindfold. You know how much I like to put that on you and just tease you until you are out of your mind with the sensations. The handcuffs are certainly a must. The vibrator we just picked out for you- I have watched you use it on yourself but I haven't used it on you yet. You place all of the objects on the coffee table. You aren't sure that a spanking really would qualify as being taken advantage of you but you get the hairbrush that I have used on you in the past just in case. You put on some music, then go back to the couch. You bend your self over the arm and wait.

You are bent over, completely exposed. Your back is to the door and you know you won't be able to see me as I come in. All you can do is spread your legs a little further, close your eyes and wait. You try to guess what I have in mind. You wonder if I am bringing any surprises over. But in fact you don't even know WHEN I am going to be there. You reach back and spread yourself open a little wider, exposing yourself even more. But then you remember that you are there to be taken advantage of and you just place your arms above your head and go back to waiting, your head still spinning along nicely with all the possibilities that go along with being so completely exposed and vulnerable. You have decided not to touch yourself, but can't help yourself from methodically pressing your hips down into the couch to get a little extra stimulation.

You hear footsteps coming up the stairs behind you and your heart speeds up a notch. Then relax again as you hear the keys in your neighbor's door. Still waiting, still fantasizing. Still smiling knowing that I have no idea what I will find when I walk in. Finally you hear another set of footsteps coming up the stairs. You blush as the door opens because the sounds from outside your apartment get louder. It just reminds you that at that moment anyone who walked past the door could see you bent over the couch, completely exposed, waiting to get violated. As the door closed you keep your hands above your head, your eyes looking forward, waiting eagerly for whatever comes next.

I walk in without saying a word. Laughing quietly to myself at the incredible scene before me. I lock the door behind me. I take my time walking over to you. I run my hand up the back of your legs. I get close to your pussy and barely graze you there- just enough to know that you are very wet already. The light touching is making your body ache for more stimulation so you move your hips to try and increase the pressure, but I take my left arm and push you back down forcefully. Just to make sure you are in the right frame of mind I spank your ass a couple of times surprisingly hard and then go back to just gently teasing you as I look to the selection of toys you have so helpfully laid out for me to see what I am going to use on you first.

We still haven't said a word to each other. You haven't even set your eyes on me yet. All you can do is fight every natural urge you have to move back an increase the stimulation. You know that there is absolutely nothing I would do to you that you wouldn't be OK with. And for how worked up you already are, you its absolutely nothing compared to what is to come the rest of the night.

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