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Categories: Cuckolded, S-M / Domination / submissive, Group Sex / Threesome, Force/Rape
Tags: wife cum surprise
Location: My House
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

My weekend in the city is cut short as the last day of my seminar is cancelled due to a food poisoning scare. As I pull into the driveway I notice a work truck from my wife's company where she's a receptionist for an architect firm - prolly had to fill it up for them.

The front door as usual is unlocked and as it slides open smoothly I can hear sweet reggae pouring from the stereo. The bathroom light's on and the shower's running, I figure I'm in luck, kids are out at grandma's for the weekend... nothing like a hot naked wife to greet you when you come home!

As I sneak towards the bathroom I'm shocked into terrified silence as I hear a deep man's voice moan. "Oooh, nice Kerry". In what seems like aching hours I get the strength to overcome my pounding heart and the intense anger and betrayal in my head. Glancing through the bedroom door I see the covers on our bed have been shoved onto the floor. Two sets of clothing are crumpled around the room thrown in fits of lust. The sheets are bunched awkwardly, pulled off on one corner and there's a huge wet spot in the middle. They've already fucked, and fucked hard by the looks of it. Another man's cock has already been in my territory, my field, my pussy.

I snap back to reality to the sounds of gagging and gasping. "Ooooh Kerry, is this how Jim gives it to you, huh?" My wife responds "uh uhhh" in between throatful's of cock and involuntary cries. The bathroom floor shakes as she's knocked onto her ass with the thrusts of his hips into her face. "unnh fuck yeah" croaks Kerry in a raspy throaty voice. "open your mouth slut and leave it open" the man says roughly. "O Ay" she responds in her whorish attempt to say ok, followed immediately by a strained swallow of cock.

Gagging, crying, occasional head thumps against the shower wall, squeaky foot repositions, deep grumbling moans cloud my head as time slows to a crawl. In unified cries and moans this man dumps his load into my wife's choking gullet. Coughing and gasping for air between cock plunges my wife's hands and feet scramble and squeak across the slippery shower floor sending shampoo bottles flying. "Aaaaaahhhh" the man relaxes as my wife's still gagged sobs subside. "Kerry Kerry, little whore, all those innuendo's at the office, never thought it'd turn real huh?" My wife just groaned.

Suddenly a loud samba song sample starts blaring from the crumpled jeans next to me. Realizing that I've just sat for the last 5 minutes listening to another man throat fuck my wife, I panic and run into the kid's room. In a voice entirely too loud, the man answers the phone "Hey Dan, yeah, just finished that job over at Buena Vista, idiots didn't know where the release valve was." He laughs a few times. "Yeah, her." "Hahaha yea, I'm there now!" I can hear my heart pounding, I can even hear the caller laughing loudly and exclaiming "No way!!" The man laughs, "Yeah, everything, pussy. Ass. Everything."

The shower stops and the man steps into the hallway, right outside the kid's room. "Hey Dan... I've got an idea"

more later

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