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My story started about a year ago when i took a new job. After months of work i starting growing close to one of my colleagues which i will call Jess for stories sake. Then one night not so long back in a local town i was out for a drink with some friends when i run into her. We went through all the usual drunk chit chat until she whispered into my right ear: "my boyfriend is away for the weekend and i have the house all to myself, unless you would like to keep me company?" she run her hand up my thigh and nibbled on my ear before getting up and looking over her shoulder to me and asking: "im going to call a taxi, coming with?" at that point i thought i knew how the rest of the nite would work out.

Jess was 30 at the time and i was 20. I never used to be overly attracted to 'older women' (excuse the term - i know 30 isnt 'old' at all) at least older than me but that night changed everything. Jess was a friendly, fun loving girl but i knew she had a sexually adventurous side that she couldnt wait to unleash on me.

As we went outside to find a taxi i lit up a cigarette for Jess and I and we waited under a small shelter to await the taxi. After we finished smoking she asked me to hold her because it was cold and at that moment i wrapped my arms around her and held her close. She told me that she felt warm and safe in my arms. I felt as if i could heat an entire church at that moment with the electricity between us. After a small wait holding each other close the taxi arrived.

After a small drive of kissing and whispers we arrived at her house. We got out of the taxi and Jess open the door and led me inside. Alone at last she made us a drink and said: "meet me upstairs in a few minutes, only one door will be closed - thats where i will be waiting for you" and she proceeded to walk upstairs. I sat down, took a sip of my drink and lit up a cigarette. I figured by the time i finished i could go upstairs and have the time of my life. I sat there alone thinking to myself what she was doing, putting on sexy outfits? looking for sex toys? I had no idea - i had never met a women so shrouded in sexual mystery, i could feel my cock getting harder already. I finished the cigarette and started walking up the stairs. At the top as she said, only one door was closed and i couldnt wait to open it! I slowly turned the door knob and open the door. I couldnt believe what i saw nor did i ever expect it.

There was Jess laying on the bed with no clothes on and she had handcuff herself to the four posts of the bed. She looked at me and smiled and then said: "theres a blind fold on the table over there, do whatever you want to me - im yours..." my jaw almost hit the ground and before i could say anything i found myself walking toward the table, picking up the blindfold and putting it over Jess' eyes. As i put the blindfold on her, i looked deep into her eyes and said: "you look wonderfull..." and then i pull the blindfold over her eyes and stood up. I just didnt know what to do, i had never been given such authority with a women before, I was expecting her to blow my nuts off with her experience! at that moment i took off all my clothes asking myself - where do i start with this one??

So I climbed onto the bed and starting at her small size 5 feet i run my fingertips slowly up her legs so slow that i could appreciate every part of her. As i got higher and reach her thigh she said: "put your fingers in my pussy, feel how wet it is..." but all i calmly said to her was: "all in good time..." and proceeded running my fingers around her legs - those long legs, smooth and tanned. i could feel her body temperature rising with the sexual tension building. I then put my hands either side of her perfect waist and moved them slowly up her torso, feeling every inch. i could see her nipples start to get hard as i covered every part of her body except the areas she wanted me too. she kept asking: "fuck me, hard and fast right now!"

I mounted her body with my legs either side of her waist and look down at those huge, round, almost perfect breasts and before i could do anything else i had to taste them... so i started kissing and sucking her tits. her nipples were soo hard by now and she moaned with every nibble. I moved myself a little further up her body and put my cock between her breasts. I pushed them together around my solid penis and started to fuck them, i could see the smile on her face as she said to me: "fuck my tits with your big hard cock, fuck them...." and i slowly run my cock up and down between those breasts then i bend right over and kissed her passionately.

it seemed to last for soo long but then seemed to end to soon after i broke the lip lock. she raised her head as high as she could looking for me again but i sat up and asked: "how wet are you now?" and she smiled and replied:"you will have to find out yourself..." i climbed off her and got up and walk to the end of the bed. i climbed on toward her pussy - right there on show with her legs held apart, it was quite literally dripping and was very well shaven, it looked so good.

i kissed the inside of her thigh and got slowly higher toward her wet pussy, she tried to buck herself into my face - she couldnt wait for it, not much longer anyway! i waited for just a few more moments, until her hips were still again and i slowly lean in and lick the length of her pussy, very slowly, only using the tip of my tongue but from top to bottom taking all those juices that tasted soo good. Jess groaned with pleasure after having to wait so long. "again" she said, as i proceeded to do so again and again getting deeper and deeper. it was soo good. i pulled her pussy apart slowly, and flicked her clit with my tongue over and over, Jess was moaning with pleasure

I wrap my lips around her clit and suck, i could tell she was loving every moment of it from what facial expressions i coud see and what sounds i could hear and her body heat that i could feel. i bury my head in her pussy, it tastes so good. "fuck my pussy with your tongue" she cried. so i plunge my tongue into her pussy, its still so wet and the taste is so sweet. but it only gets wetter and wetter the deeper and faster i go.

"Fuck me now, fuck me now" she keeps screaming so i get up and and get onto the side of the bed by her head and say:"looks like i need something to quiet you down" and with that she open her mouth wide expecting a sock maybe when i stuck my hard cock in her mouth. at first she seemd startled but then she sucks my cock like it was the first and last she would ever taste, i can barely hold on i feel like im going to come inside her mouth she sucks so hard. so i take it out again. she asks for me to fuck her again and i figured the time had come.

i climbed up the bed between her legs and with my cock in my hand i start to rub her soaking pussy up and down:"fuck me now" she screamed and at that moment i slowly penertrate her pussy and slowly pull my cock out again. after two or three 'dips' i penertrate a little harder and as i do, all i can hear is the cuffs ringing as Jess' body contracts as she pulls and groans in pleasure. moaning in pleasure i speed up, in and out, in and out, in and out. i quickly pull my dick out and climb up the the top of the bed and ask her to open wide. she does and again sucks my cock, i asked her:"can you taste yourself on it?" and i get a long and hard suck as my answer.

i move back down to her pussy and start to slowly fuck it again, steadily increasing in speed. i know this is the final one before i come and i start getting harder and faster:"fuck me hard, fuck me hard" Jess keeps screamin until im going so hard and fast that im about to come. i mount her body and put my dick between those big soft breasts again and lift the blindfold:"are you gonna come?" she asked, to which i replied:"yes i am, all over your face" she leaned forward and open her mouth and sure enough as i push those breats around my cock once more and started to fuck them i came. it had been such good sex that i came by the bucket load! all over her face and in her mouth, warm and pure semen. i let out a groan and smile."that was good" i said, as Jess was still tryin to lick the remaining come around her mouth and then she smiled back and said:"good? ive never orgasm so hard in my life! now let me out of these cuffs so we can have a smoke then a shower together, il return the favour..."

Since then my sex life has never been the same, always 'older women' (again excuse the term) ive wanted to fuck. Me and Jess have hooked up a few other times since but nothing will ever compare to what we had that night when sexual tension errupt!

Thanks for looking and feel free to let me know what you think!

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