The Butler & The Maid   added 8 years ago
  By: mavin999  Age: 44  Country: United Kingdom

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I am a butler at this posh manor owned by this really posh husband & wife. I live in a house shared with the other staff which consists of the cook & a couple of maids one of which named Amy is drop dead gorgeous she has long slender legs, a beautiful figure, nice firm tits & long dark hair & when she wears that uniform she gives me one hell of a hard on that makes me want to bend her over the dining table & fuck her. I was on duty one day when I was walking down corridor upstairs when I saw Amy peering into one of the rooms, so I went up to her & was just about to ask her what she was doing when I noticed her hand was up her skirt & playing with herself so I glanced through the crack in the door to see what had got her so excited.I saw that one of the maids a petite nice looking blonde was on her knees in front of the mistress of the house who was sitting on a chair & the maid was licking her pussy; the mistress was moaning softly & caressing her tits with one hand & holding a vibrator in the other sucking it. I could just make out the other maid was also playing with herself as well, by now l was getting really turned on & reached down behind Amy & started stroking her tight ass . I could feel the suspenders through the uniform. I hadn’t noticed that she had undone the flies on my trousers & was gently caressing my cock. I removed my hand from her ass & moved behind her & slowly pushed my cock into her wet pussy & slowly fucked her for a while then slid it out & moved her away from the door & into one of the unused bedrooms.In the bedroom she kneed in front of me & started sucking my cock & licking my balls after a few minutes we moved to the bed were I laid her down, she had her maids skirt pulled up over her body & her legs wide open exposing her wet shaved pussy& black slender stocking legs, I got on the bed & started licking her sweet smelling pussy for a few minutes making her wetter & wetter & then I slid my cock inside her nice wet pussy & fucked her slowly & gently & then speeding up faster & faster all the time I was sucking & gently biting her nipples through her uniform. I pulled my cock out of her & started to cum all over her pussy.I turned my head to see the maid had been watching us & playing with herself as well, but I don’t know how long she had been there, so I signalled her over to us & told that I had seen her with the mistress & told to start licking Amy’s pussy cleaning & lick all my cum of her then suck me dry of which she did both without any hesitation.

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