Turn a skinny shy girl into a BBW slut   added 8 years ago
  By: warmaniac  Age: 36  Country: Canada

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Nature: Agressive

I have a skinny girlfriend and she is very shy and quiet. She is 5' and weighs less than 100 pounds. I always want to stuff her with all kinds of fatty food and turn her into a BBW. Ideally, she should weigh about 200 pounds with the ass measuring at least 46". I want everyone to call her a fat ass and she will have difficulty looking at her own toes.


I start with forcing her to have larger portions and more greasy food. After a while, her appetite will grow and start enjoying more food. I will encourage her with a lot of delicious food and forge her perpetual relationship with food. Then, she will pass the point of no return and will never able to lose any weight.


Since she has only had sex with me in her whole life, I think she needs more experience to enjoy sex fully. While she is growing in size everyday, I will make sure she loves fucking more and more everyday. I will take her out and make her drunk. Then I will pass her onto some experienced sexy men and let them train her. After that, I will try to have her trained when she is sober. I always want her one day to tell me how to have sex and let me know I am smaller than the guy she had last night.


Within a year, I hope she will turn into a big fat 200-pounder who loves fucking more than I do. Imagining her fat pussy bigger than her current cleavage just makes me cum. Watching this big lump of fat crawling on my bed, asking for my cock every night is my dream.

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