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I went away for a little while and when I got back my little sister had grown up into a little hottie! She has the prettiest shade of blue eyes I have ever seen, stands about 5-7 and probable around 115 lbs. She has the most killer curves you could imagine. Perfect round ass, hips and I'm guessing 36D rack or somewhere in the area.


She walks around in those little shorts every girl is wearing these days and a tank top and I can't help but stare. Those tits, that ass, it's too much to handle. The most perfect body on the 1 girl I can't have. We are very close, and trade back rubs, and I try as hard as I can not to bump her with the hardon that incurs from this. She laying on her stomach with that beautiful rump in the air while I crouch over her and rub on her sexy back and shoulders.


I dream of giving her a massage one day and getting hard and accidentally bumping her so that she exclaims about what just happened. Then she says it felt big and wants to see it so I act like I don't want to do it but finally give in. She asks if it gets any bigger, so I answer "if i'm horny" so she has me play with it a little bit to see what I'm talking about.

Then she reaches out and grabs me and starts giving me an awesome handjob and asking me how much I come. I tell her there's only one way to find out and she says she can think of one more and licks the tip and then kisses it and I tell her that will work too. I pull her shirt off and unleash those great tits and ask if she'll let me cum on them and she says yes.

She sucks me and strokes me until I explode over those great tits and she wipes some up with her finger and licks it and says "thats not too bad...." I ask her how she feels now that she just gave her big bro a blowjob, and she says she's excited, so I ask her if I could do something for her now. She says yes and I sit on the floor with her sort of in my lap with my legs and arms around her, spread her legs over mine and start kissing her neck and running my hands over that delicious body.

I run my fingers around her pussy and she lets out a moan so I know its time to start. I finger her thru her shorts, lightly, and she starts grinding her hips to the rhythm as she gets closer to orgasm. Feeling her this way and feeling her ass rub against my still semi hard dick gets me going again. She tenses up and holds her breath for a second and then I feel her pussy quiver a little as she gets off.

She says that was awesome, and I tell her I want more and she agrees so I lay her on her back and pull those little shorts right off. I ask her if she's sure and she just tells me to hurry up so I get down and kiss her and thrust into her with complete hunger. She wraps her hands around my neck and her legs go up in the air and she's still telling me to hurry so I just pound away. She loves it!!!

It only lasts about 5 minutes since I'm so excited, and she sounds like she's about to come again anyway, and we both get off at the same time. We just lay there holding each other for a while and I ask her if she's gonna hate me someday and all she tells me is "not as long as you keep doing that" and smiles. I really love my little sister.

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