RICH BOY AND A GIRL IN NEED   added 8 years ago
  By: sonic19x  Age: 27  Country: Greece

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Categories: Virgins/Young women
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Location: My House
Roleplay: Hooker/me
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Nature: Romantic

I wanted to be rich,here's my fantasie

Its a raining day,I'm on the city for some works,We stopr and take a girl into the limo because I wanted to help,she is poor,she just got fired and I giving her my card telling her that I have a job for her but I will tell her only if she come to my house...her boobs cause to me an errection...the other night,everyone have gone to their houses,my giant house is empty,only me reading a book next to the fireplace that lights the walls,she hits the doorbell,I open the door and smile,she is standing and I tell her to come in,she sits on a chair next to the fireplace,I saw her boobs again and my penis errected again,

"Maybe isn't the right time for visit" she said and she stand up,I hold her hand "No its excellent time,please sit,you want a drink?" she saying yes and smiles,I smile back,I giving her the glass with the whiskey,she drinks and askes "What kind of job is it?you want me to serve?" I smile and answer "No I have girls for this job" she seems to be dissapointed,"You want someone to cook?I cook very well" again I answered "No I don't want you to cook,I want..." I put my hand on her leg "You"

she is upset and she stands up,but again I hold her hand "Wait please don't go"

she seemed very upset "Sorry but being a slut isn't a job" and I smile "Who called you a slut?" I answer and kissing her neck,she relaxed but again she said "It isn't right please,I'm not a slut" I hug her and telling her "I know you are not a slut baby" I hold her hand and leading her on my bedroom upstairs,I lock ourselves into my room and I loose my tie,she sat on my bed very upset but she was smiling,I unbutton my shirt and I kissed her,she kissed me,and she hugged me,I was only left with my boxers and she stopped me "Wait you know I'm a virgin",I smile "I can fix that baby"

I kissing her neck and put my penis into her vagina,she moans and she mixing my hairs,our bodies are sweating my penis going deeper,she screams,I feel her blood on my penis,her virginity gone,I increased speed and power,She was moaning and kissing me,I was kissing her neck and her boobs,I was holding her legs on my shoulders,she was smiling,I was smiling too,my penis was ready to cum,"I will cum baby" I said to her and she opened her legs wide open as I was going deeper,she cummed with me,I relaxed on her boobs,my face was on those perfect boobs..... the next morning I payed her and we settled dates that she would serve me....

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