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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I was lying on my bed in the middle of the night, a cool breeze blowing through the window as my naked body clung to the satin sheets. As i often did, I woke myself by a throbbing in my clit, my fingers had found the spot in my sleep. As I slowly rubbed the swollen clit inside of my wet shaven pussy, my other hand reached up and rubbed my now hard nipple. It was dark and quiet in the room, yet I felt I was not alone.

From out of the shadows I could see a figure, a beautiful figure with big round breasts and wet shiny pussy lips right at my own. I could almost reach out and lick them. The mysterious woman proceeded to tie my hands behind my head, blindfold me and kissed my lips shut, my hint to not open them until she was through with me.

She smelled of sweetness as she explored my body with her tongue, every inch, letting out a small groan with every few inches. I felt as if I could explode when she slipped her toungue inside of my wet throbbing pussy, this was the first time I had experienced such pleasure. she then climbed on top and started to grind her soft, bald pussy on mine as she placed her hard nipples in my mouth. I sucked them as if My life depended on it. I couldnt see her but I knew they had to be beautiful.

Suddenly, she climbed off and another hand had slipped in my pussy. I knew this was not hers. A new set of lips started to suck my clit and I knew it was a man. Right before I exploded in his mouth, he came up to my face and slipped a huge hard cock in my mouth. It was so big and delicious. The head tickled the back of my throat. Then he pulled out and went down to the end of the bed. before I knew, he slipped the big hard cock in my ass. I wanted to scream with a mixture of pain and pleasure, but my attention was torn by the woman coming back, this time crawling on top of me with her pussy on my lips and her lips on my pussy. We rocked back and forth pleasuring one another, cumming over and over while the big hard cock pleasured my ass.

Then she got off and the hard cock was forced into my pussy and he started pounding it. So hard and so fast. . I was getting so excited I couldnt breath. I came so many times until finally the big hard cock exploded in my pussy.
It was all so wonderful and exciting.......... As I lay there in the dark, wet pussy socked lips, the taste of pussy on my mouth and the sheets soaked, my mysterious strangers untied me. The beautiful woman sucked my lips and slipped her toungue down my throat.

Then before I knew it they were gone.............................

I pulled out my large vibrator and began to masturbate so hard I almost made my pussy bleed. I cried out in lust and pleasure and then came again.

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