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My aunt is married to a man, who is a good man , a hard working man . Not really fantasy material. He couldn't be described as handsome or good looking but he's rugged , paunchy and strong. My aunt on the other hand is angular and sharp, in every sense.

She rules everything, and he caters to her every whim. I cant get him outta my head . She treats him so badly, cutting remarks in company, how can he bear to be with her. I want nhim to be with me .There's only 8 yrs between us and we get on very well .

At family gatherings he often hugs me looks into my face searching for something.... and the something is there..always there between us.I lie awake at nite and touch myself , picturing his face in my mind. I want to touch him and let him feel the softness of me and allow him to make love to someone who wants him to.

I also fantasise about very dirty sex with him cos my aunt is so frigid anyway and sexually bankrupt. This is at fantasy stage right now but I'm getting closer to reality stage , another family party coming up in November and the anticipation is killing me ... I'm gonna seduce him right under her nose...and let him have every bit of me and give him the screwing of his life.. this is one fantasy that is gonna happen real soon ....

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