urethra play   added 8 years ago
  By: farker  Age: 52  Country: United States

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Categories: Steady Partner, The Audience / Voyeur, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: cock plug beach
Location: The beach
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

my Wife bought me a Brass Snake Cock Plug. rather than fitting at the base of my cock, this wraps around the head of my cock, AND the end goes well into my urethra.


WOW, does it feel good when i wear it.


my fantasy is that She takes me to the beach,where i'm allowed to wear that brass cock plug and some sandals, nothing else. She forbids me to lay on my stomach or hide my cock in any way. She lays next to me in her bikini and makes nasty conversation, keeping me hard and exposed all day.


When passers-by ask about my cock jewelry, she explains how she loves the feeling of the thing when i fuck Her while wearing it. She allows men and women to examine it closely, touching my cock and the plug.


She takes me home, and lets me fuck Her. After keeping my dick hard all day long, my balls are full of cum, and the plug blocks it when She finally tells me that i may cum.

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