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Categories: Identified partner, The Audience / Voyeur, Masturbation
Tags: Hotel masturbation cum
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

I woke up in the brightly lit hotel bedroom to see her standing by the window. She was tall and voluptuous, her curves outlined by the morning light streaming through the window and her thigh length white silk nightgown. Her lustrous black hair flowing down over her neck and shoulders, catching the sun light and warming it before releasing it back into the room. She was a vision of sensuality and desire without even knowing it. I could see her profile from where I lay; her round smooth forehead with her hair swept back behind her ear, glittering brown eyes as wide and seep as an ocean, lips soft and pouting as she brought her hot cup of coffee up to them. I followed her smooth long neck to her silk covered chest, her soft large young breasts, the nipples hard from the silk. They moved under the fabric as her arm brushed against the side of her breasts as she brought the cup to her lips again. Down to the curves of her hips that just cried for soft fingertips to touch and explore and her tight round ass that I could almost see as the skirt flared and stopped just where her long smooth pale legs started.

I could feel my cock stirring against the white silk hotel sheets as my eyes consumed this vision of erotica for its breakfast of the senses. My hand found it of its own accord and began slowly stroking the length of it. The head brushed against the silk, sending shivers down the thick shaft of my throbbing meat all the way through my spine to my lips, where a soft gasp escaped into the morning air.

“Someone’s up,” she said turning to face me with a smile, “and he looks hungry,” she added with a small grin. I didn’t say a word, I couldn’t, I was sex, desire, cock. I needed her more than anything else in the world at that moment; every part of me was calling her to come and fuck me and join me in a world of sweat and heat and cum. She heard. She placed her cup slowly down on the dresser and turned to look at me, the desire in my eyes, the heaving of my chest under the sheet, my cock rock hard under the silk being slowly stroked by my hand. She bit her lip playfully and walked to the bottom of the bed, her nipples were hard and swollen, she ran her hand up to cup her left heavy breast, squeezing it in time with her fluttering eyes. Her other hand slowly moved down her flat stomach to come to rest over her covered pussy, she barely gasped as she slowly began to circle her fingers against the silk covered lips. All the time never taking her eyes off my covered cock.

She began pinching her nipple as her hand pressed harder against her swollen pussy, I could smell her now, the scent of a woman’s cum is the most potent aphrodisiac there is, and as it filled my head I stroked harder and faster, my mouth opening along with hers as she saw the effect she was having on me. She worked her finger faster now with mine, her body slowly rocking, her eyes closing as she brushed her clit, little gasps and whimpers escaping her throat as she came closer and closer.

“Of fuck,” she whispered, “fuck, oh god …. Yeah …. Yeah” she was moving faster now, her fingers plunging into her pussy hard and fast, she was on the edge, her other hand was kneading her breast, squeezing it hard as her eyes began to close and her neck arched. She held her head back, her body began to shake as she fucked herself deeper and faster, it was so incredible, so beautiful to see, I could feel myself approaching the point of no return. She stiffened and slammed her fingers as deep as she could, they were dripping with sweet cum as her head arched back and her mouth opened in a grimace of pleasure, she came hard as my own orgasm began deep in my balls. She heard me moan and looked down at me, still riding the waves of her own orgasm. The smoldering look in her half opened eyes, her quivering lips, I couldn’t take anymore. My back arched off the bed and my cock exploded into the sheet, load after throbbing load, my eyes closed my toes curled, both of us moaning as we released our shared desire.


I lay there shaking and recovering, my wet hand clutching my still pulsing cock when I felt a long slow stroke up the shaft, I looked up to see the satisfied eyes and glowing face of a beautiful woman smiling at me as she licked my cum from the sheets, she smiled up at me with full wet lips.

“Round two baby?” She whispered contentedly.

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