A blow job to remember   added 8 years ago
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Categories: Identified partner, Oral Sex
Tags: Older Female stranger
Location: A Public place
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

Mike was a 35 year old Caucasian male. He stood 5'7" & was about 185lbs. He went to the gym on average 4 times a week & took care of himself. He had always thought of older women as very interesting & intriguing.

One late afternoon he was he was walking down a deserted street, he noticed what he believed to be an older lady having car troubles. He could be for sure as her back was to him. From what he could see however, she did seem in fairly good shape .

"Excuse me Ms. do you need help?

"Oh, it's this darn car. It won't start again. I've taken it to the mechanics 3 times already & they can't seem to figure out the problem."

"Would you like me to have a look?"

"Oh no. I wouldn't want to bother."

"No no. It's ok. Pop the hood."

"Thank you very much sir."

He figured her for being in her late 40ies if not 50ies but she didn’t really show her age at all she looked more like in her late 30ies.

He managed to figure out that the issue was with a loose wire that he managed to reconnect & secure temporarily.

"Now this should get you going till home. But, someone is still going to need to fix it permanently."

As he lifted himself back up, from under the hood, she leaned over and started to unbutton his pants & unzip the fly. In complete shock, he looked up with questions written all over his face.

She said:" I figured this could be the least that I could do for helping me."


"I'm not attached. Do you have a wife or girlfriend?" she said as she pulled his pants down his member out.

"No." he said still unsure what to do.

"Then just enjoy." she said and slid his limp member in her mouth.

She could feel him growing, as she slowly slid the member in and out of her mouth letting her tongue dance all over the head, covering the shaft with her saliva. She reached up to cup & caress his balls all the while still continuing with the slow piston-like motion.

As he watched the scene unfold before him, he could feel his arousal growing very quickly. He knew that if she continued like this, he wasn't going to be able to hold out for very long.

After a few moments, she unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a plentiful golden lightly freckled covered bosom that was just glistening with invitation in the after-noon light. She un-hooked her bra and let her boobs hang out, revealing her razor sharp nipples.

As she continued to give him this mind blowing experience, he reached down to touch her recently exposed flesh. It felt so nice. So unbelievably soft. His touch was electrifying. She couldn't believe how skilled this 30ish year old touch was. She ended up quickening the pace...

"Oh my god!! I'm gonna come" He said out loud to warn her.

She took a second to say: "Go ahead, I want it. I want to drink it." and continued to suck him off ferociously.

He gripped the nearby post for support, his knuckles turning white, as his man juices flowed out of him & into her waiting mouth.

"Oh, what delicious sweetness..." she though, and swallowed what he had just given to her.

He leaned over, and gave her the sweetest softest thank you kiss that only 2 lovers would. That surprised her a little. She wasn't expecting that. Past lovers had never exhibited such tenderness towards her.

"Are you busy tomorrow ?" She asked after a brief rest.

"Not at the moment. Why do you ask?" He responded.

"Would you mind coming over to my house & fixing my car once & for all ?" she said as she winked sexily at him still exposing her breasts....

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