My girl and the man behind me   added 8 years ago
  By: outlawandy  Age: 37  Country: United States

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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
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I come home late one night and find my girlfriend in bed waiting for me with another man beside her cock in hand. She stands up comes over to me and starts undressing me. After I have made my way to the bed the man grabs me by my hair pulling my face to his large hard cock. On all fours I begin wrapping my lips arround him takeing every inch into my mouth. As he continues fucking my face my girlfriend puts her strap-on into use on my ass. After a while they switch, makeing me barry my face in her pussy as he slides his hard throbing cock in my ass inch by inch. I being engulfed in the moment don't realise that my girlfriend has orgasmed several times and is ready to suck me off as I do the same for the other man. Now laying on my back my girlfriend swallowing my cock pumping her fingers in and out of my ass. The man has me by my hair makeing sure I finnish him off with my mouth. Then as he begins to cum in my mouth I realise that his orgasm has driven me to have an exsplosive orgasm in my girlfriend's mouth at the same time. Now that I have made sure they are both satisfied my girlfriend kisses me spitting my cum in my mouth along with his makeing me swallow it all. As we lay there all in a daze I as " Everyone ready to do it again?

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