Our Special Occasion   added 8 years ago
  By: princescreen  Age: 35  Country: New Zealand

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Categories: Cuckolded, Other men, The Fetishists, Anal Sex
Location: My House
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating
Ok, this is my first attempt. I mean, I’ve tried writing these stories several times before, but this is the first time I’ve ever actually finished one.
Please let me know what you think.

Our Special Occasion.

It starts with me sitting there, naked, watching you helplessly, as you instructed me to.

You slowly stalk your way into the room like some hungry predator, wearing a thin, shiny, leather g-string. It’s so fine it already disappears between your beautiful round arse cheeks, but you look back at me and pull it up further anyway.

You walk over to your male friend. He’s naked and so muscular, arrogantly sitting back in a chair with his giant hand casually stroking his enormous meaty cock
as you squat down on your heels, exposing the smooth naked soles of your feet, and lean over close into his lap, occasionally glancing back at me with that hungry look in your eyes.

You bury your face in his balls, his shaft is firmly pressed up against your forehead. You’re inhaling the scent of his cock and balls and moaning to yourself as your free hand works its way down to your dripping wet pussy.

You’re licking your way up his shaft now. Working your way up to his head and then starting down at the base of his tight, heavy balls, painting them with your tongue.

The hand that was edging it’s way to your sopping cunt is now tracing its way up and down your arse crack. You rock backwards and forwards on your heels as you tongue his meat all over. You’ve wrapped your hand around as much of his cock as you can manage. Your long fingers grasping him tightly but your elegantly manicured nails only just manage to touch on the other side.

Both his and your eyes have now turned my way. I suddenly realise I’ve been playing with myself and my cock is rock-hard. As you take the head of his huge dick into your mouth and let it keep popping out like a babies dummy, you move your finger away from your rosebud and point it in my direction. As you motion for me to come towards you, I can see your glistening juices dripping from it, down to the hardwood floor.

I start to walk over to you, but you stop me with one word. “Crawl.”

I get down on my hands and knees and begin crawling over to you. When I get close to you, you point down at the pussy juice that has dripped down on to the floor and say “Clean it.” I put my head to the ground, poke out my tongue and lick your juice up off the floor. When I’m done, I look up and see that you’re both watching me intently.
“Michael honey, I need you to get me ready. I need you to get me ready for this big fucking cock. I need to get to work and lick my fucking holes, tongue my pussy and my fucking ass so that I can take this big cock as much and as deep as I want.”

“… Yes, my Queen.”

You smile. It’s an evil smile. “Okay sweetie. Now lie down on your back”.


“Yes my Queen” I say as I lie down with my head rested on the hardwood floor underneath your pussy. I can see your juices matting up the petite, carefully trimmed triangle of hair you have just above your clit.

“I’m very pleased with how obedient you are my sweet, you really have learnt your true place. But, before you get me ready, I think it’s best if you see to our company first.” As you see my eyes widen you slide down my body and sit on me so that I can’t move. My arms are locked in place by pincer strong thighs. You’re smiling down at me, then you look up at your friend and one of your eyebrows raises, cocked in a self satisfied manner.

I follow your eyes and look up to see your friend standing above me. As I stare straight up between his thighs. He clutches his heavy sac with one hand. With the other, he reaches around to his toned arse and spreads his cheeks wide. I try to struggle, try to shake from side to side but you put a stop to that with a sharp, ringing slap across my face. I look up to find your eyes staring back at me. Once again, you utter just one, purposefully dragged out word in that unmistaken tone of command that you use so well. “Lick.”

As he lowers his taut, toned arse down to my face, as always, I have no choice but to obey your command. I wait for him to completely cover my face with his hot, sweaty arse and start licking and sucking on his crack and arsehole.

I can hear both your voices, mumbled and moaning. You’re kissing him and jacking off his huge dick while I eat his arse out. I’m getting so turned on by your mercilessly treatment that I start working my neck muscles, thrusting my head as far into his ass as possible. Starting to enjoy how he tastes and wanting him to blow his hot cum all over both of us.

When he moans loud into your mouth, you realise I’m enjoying this as much as you are. You start rocking back and forth on your heels again in time with your strokes of his cock, so that with every down-stroke of his fleshy tube, your hot, moist ass and pussy brush against my erection.

We continue this way for about 10 minutes, every time he gets close to blowing his hot semen over all of us you slow down and squeeze him like a vice.

After you’re done with that you stand up and come around to watch me eat his delicious arsehole out. “Yeah, that’s it slut. Lick that arse you fucking little sissy. Mmmmmm, I can tell you love the way that tastes don’t you?” I try to answer without stopping my over-eager work on his tight hole. All I can manage is to moan into his butt.

I hear the sound of a shutter closing, I look up at you and watch you holding a digital camera with one hand and frigging your pussy with the other. Even though I’m too far gone to care about you taking photos of my depraved arse eating, you say “There’s no point in worrying about a few photos baby, we’ve had the video cameras running since the start.” You take a few more photos. I’m too involved in what I’m doing to care how many. I’m too caught up to care about almost anything about from the three of us at the moment.

Then you take a step closer to us, you put your hand on your friends back and push him forward until I can feel his hot mouth engulf my cock.

The shock is enough for me to break my mouth away from his arse and just scream out “Oh God”. My pelvis begins thrusting towards his face as he begins sucking hard on my manhood.

For a while, I’m too shocked to be able to start licking him again, so you kneel down behind him and kiss me on the face. You lick my face clean, then you spread him wide and stick your own tongue as far into his arse as possible. As this happens, I begin licking his shaft up and down. I reach around his legs to help spread his arse open for you. You’re groaning into his arse, I’m groaning into his shaft and balls, and he’s moaning around my dick as he lets loose a torrent of hot cum all over his chest and mine.

As he orgasms, he lets out a muffled scream around my cock but he does not let up. His head steadily bouncing up and down around me.

While you’re watching this you take off your heels, pick up the chair and walk around so that you’re sitting by his head, between my legs. You pick up my legs so that they’re up in the air in a “V” shape with his face hungrily buried in my crotch. I’m not sure what you’re up to until I feel you rub some of his saliva over my arsehole with your feet. His strong hands spread me wide for you as you slide your big toe up and down my exposed arsehole. I know what’s coming. The tip of your toe begins nudging against my widespread arsehole. “Oh Yes Please My Queen!” I cry out as you toe easily works it’s way inside me. I bury my face in his still tight sacks as you both push me further and further into ecstasy. His mouth working harder and harder on my swollen meat while you work your toe in and out, faster and faster.

“I’m, going, to, My Queen!, I’m going to Cum!, My Queen, I’m Cumming!.”

Just before I explode, he moves his head away, aims my cock at your other foot and starts wanking me hard. I erupt on your left foot as you keep working my arse with your toe. I’m a shaking, quivering mess with my face buried in his arse.

Once I’ve regains some of my senses, I open my eyes to see that you’ve moved your chair around so that you’re now sitting by my face. Both my chest and his are coated in his cum from earlier and he’s rubbing his hand over my chest. His huge cock is still throbbing.

You say those words in your magic tone again. “Lick.”

That’s all I need. You lower your toes to my face and I begin cleaning my cum off you foot. After a few seconds, you push your friends face down to your foot as well and he joins me, feasting on my cum and occasionally licking any mess directly from my face. Once the mess is completely cleaned from the top and soles and your toes are sucked clean he kisses me and forces all the cum he had in his mouth down my throat with his tongue, making me swallow it all. As you watch us making out, you push him down on his back and tell me “Now I want you to paint his big fucking cock with your tongue so he can fuck me and cum inside me.”

With no hesitance “Yes My Queen”. I sit between his legs and start licking his cock up and down. Stretching my lips around it and trying to fit as much of him into my throat as possible. As I do this I feel you first licking my arse, then working your fingers inside me.

After five or so minutes his dick is almost rock solid and you’re furiously fucking my arse with four of your fingers.

You pull your fingers out of me and move back to your chair, grabbing me by my hair and dragging me with you so that you can place my head between your legs. You lean back in the chair and wrap your thighs around my head so that I can barely move. You wrap your fingers in my hair and start rubbing my face in your pussy. I start eating and licking like a man possessed.

I get so caught up that I forget there’s someone else in the room until I feel my arse-cheeks being spread wide. I try to move to stop what’s about to happen but I’m helpless. I feel his giant cock nudging against my arse and with one push he manages to get the head in.

Oh god it hurts. I try to scream but you slap me in the face again and say “Fuck up you fucking little bitch. Don’t be such a girl. Do you know what happens to screaming little sissies that complain about the cocks in their arses?” With that you pull me up by my hair and let loose a torrent of piss all over my face. As you start, he leans into me, pushing against my body, putting more of himself inside me. The pain is almost unbearable, but every time I scream I get another mouthful of your piss. Once he bottoms out inside me he stops for a while to acclimatise himself to my tightness. Thank god for small (or not so small) mercies.

You piss for almost 2 minutes. I don’t know where it’s all coming from. You grab me by the jaw so that I can’t shut my mouth and force me to catch your hot flow in my mouth then you hold my nose to make me swallow.

Now that I’m used to his fat meat in my arse, he slowly starts moving. You bring your beautiful feet up to face and allow me to suck them
clean from the mess on the floor. The sensations from his massive assault on my arse prove to be too much, and I erupt all over my chest without even touching myself.

I fall down into the mess on the floor and you have him pull out of my now permanently stretched arsehole and roll me over onto my back.

You squat over me and I watch as he fills you with his cock. His stamina is inhuman, and his cock seems to be a little too large for you as you grunt and moan as he works himself all the way up inside you.

When he starts moving inside you, you both lower yourselves down so that I can lick your clit while he fucks you. While he moves inside you I move two fingers up to his arsehole and start teasing his arse and your clit with my fingers and tongue.

After the events of the day, neither of your has much stamina left and you end up cumming four times in five minutes. Each time letting loose a torrent of pussy juice on my face. After four orgasms, you slump over but he keeps going. He fucks you solid for about ten more minutes while you are little more then a quivering mass. Then he quickly pulls his spent meat out of you, strokes himself furiously for a few seconds and shoots a flood of cum all over your back.

He leaves you to pass out on top of me and casually walks out of the room.

Once you come to, you tell me to lick his cum off your back and arsehole.

You grab my face in your hands, kiss me passionately and tell me, “Happy Honeymoon baby. I Hope you liked your present. I love you.”

And I love you too baby. Happy Honeymoon. I can’t wait for our anniversary.




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