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Nature: I will tell you later
I come home early. I catch them in flagranti, fucking like animals in heat on our bed. She is suprprised, but our neighbour is visibly scared. He starts babbling some stupid excuses, like "I didn't mean it" and "It's not what it seems".

"Just shut up or I'll break your legs and than call your wife," I stop him. Than, to my girlfriend: "Is he worth something?" Being cynical, sarcastic.

"If you really want to know: yes, he is!"

"Nice to hear that. Let's see how good is he at cocksucking!"

"Whaaaat? Are you crazy?" He is really outraged.

"Well, as you want. You can give a blowjob or explain everything to your wife." But I already know what he'll do. Never mess with his wife. As he is silent I start to udnress.

"This is some kind of a sick joke, isn't it?" he asks hopefully, looking at me. As I have no reaction, only an erection, he turns to my girlfriend, but only to see an evil grin on her face. He realizes I'm dead serious and then takes his decision. He kneels in front of me and takes my cock in his mouth. I love a virgin mouth, even when I feel his teeth; no harm done, a begginers mistake, but he learns fast and starts enjoying it. He works me with his tongue and I see he is starting to have a hard on again. I call my girlfriend and they suck me toghether.

"Enough now," I command him. "Now lick her wet pussy, she's horny as hell, can't you see it?"

She really appreciates the thought and spreads her legs wide, so he can burry his face in her wetness. As he licks her I start spanking him and squeezing his balls. As I do this his breath becomes heavier, his tongue lapping her more furiously.

"Good boy! Now fuck her!" I take him by the cock and guide it and introduce it in her wet cunt. She moans while he is fucking, but I silence her putting my cock in her mouth. When I hear he is about to come, I stop him. Reluctantly he removes his dick out of her; she is complaining too. But I've made my mind and I want to fuck this jerk. Of course he is protesting, but finally he is on all four and with lot of lube and patience I penetrate him in his tight ass. My girlfriend is helping him sucking his cock, so ultimately he can enjoy too.

When all is over and he left us, she asks me: "Well, which neighbour you want me to seduce tomorrow?"

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