Erotic walk in the snow   added 8 years ago
  By: smile4u  Age: 46  Country: Sweden

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Categories: Oral Sex, Romantic Setting/Exotic, Steady Partner
Tags: oral voyeur Public
Location: A Public place
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Romantic

My wife and i were walking through the romantic winter night and talking about our non fullfilled fantasies. we got moreand more excited by the thoughts we should try theseideas one day..suddenlyhe stopped and said: "i want to suck you... hera and now !". We were on a perking lot of a hotel so i was a bit uneasy but thearousing gothigher when she opened my zipper.

She freed my friend and started sucking me and i had hard not to cum right away.. she opened her coat and showed me a piece of nice underwear she had only under this..together with stocking and garter belt..i was stunnded.."did she plan this?"...there we were in almost extacy when i suddenly noticed someone in the forest..there was a girs standing watching wife didnt see her because it was behind her back so we continued...

i could tell that the girl got as well excited because she started undressing as well...after ca 10 min she came closer and then my wife noticed her...i was affraid all would stop, but my wife said.."its ok come here and take a look" andso the other girl approached us slowly..i could see her skirt up her waist and she had no panties..she was rubbing herself and was enjoying the wife offered her"why dont u join me and taste?"..and i was in heaven.....

besides the excitment getting caught at any second there was my wife and a beatiful girl ( in the 20ies maybe) sucking me together now...that was too much and i came all over their faces....... why dont you join me in my hotel..the girsl said..we can take a bath and have a drink..and maybe..more..and that we did, but thats another story..............

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