My girlfriend, his slut...   added 8 years ago
  By: footloverguy  Age: 29  Country: United Kingdom

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Location: My House
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating

I have often fantasied about seeing my girlfriend with another man. Perhaps is is the fact that she is quite shy and quiet in real life, especially around other men, that makes me want to see her liberated and primal in her sexual urges.


In my scenario, my GF has been flirting with men over the internet and the phone for some time, mainly at my suggestion, as she does not really seem into it that much. But it all changes when she gets to know this one guy...

She starts to (with my blessing) go on 'dates' with this guy (who is a little older, incredibly good looking and of course has an impressively huge cock). What really excites me is were when my GF goes out with me, she tends to dress more conservatively, or is suggestive rather than sexy, but with this guy she just wants to be his little slut. The skirts get shorter, the heels get higher and the panties are 'forgotten' when so goes out so he has access whenever he feels fit.


With me she also never wanted to fully shave her pussy, claiming it was too much hassle, so imagine my surprise when her pussy is bald and silky smooth because 'he likes it that way, and she wants to please him'. She always hated sucking my cock and swallowing but with him she positively craves his huge cock in her mouth, telling me about how wet it makes her. Knowing that this guy has such power over my GF and she lusts for him so much that she would do anything to turn him on is tremedously arousing.

The idea of preparing her for her dates also arouses me incredibly. Everything from helping her pick out her sluttiest outfit, to shaving her legs and pussy, doing her make up and giving her beautiful feet a sexy pedicure (feet are another weakness of mine!) and knowing that none of it is for my benefit. She struts around the bedroom in her call girl esque outfit, wearing the 6" platform heels that she would never have been seen dead in outside the house, teasing her already soaking pussy with a long manicured nail all the while asking me if I think 'He' will appreciate her efforts. The smile on my face is a good enough give away...


As their relationship moves on they begin fucking regularly, often in my bedroom while I sleep on the couch, listening to the animal moans this stud is creating in my quiet little GF. I wish I could sneak a peek at the action, but this isnt allowed, I have to sit on the couch like a good boy and wait until they are finished so I can serve them refreshing drinks and snacks to get their energy back.


I may have been given up on by my beautiful and horny girlfriend while she acts as another males little whore, but I couldn't be happier. :)

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