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“I shouldn’t be doing this.” I shook my head as his lips traveled over my neck. All I could think about was my husband. But I felt no pain in my heart. All I could feel was the heat of his mouth moving over my skin. I could feel the moisture from him as it cooled me down when the breeze blew over me. Although they were safe in the condo, it suddenly felt as if it were as cold inside as it was outside. As snow fell outside, I had the urge to leave. To get somewhere safe. I clenched my fist and gathered up some resolve. It might just be enough to get me out of this. “Zach, I’m serious. I have a husband waiting for me at home.” My voice sounded weaker than I would have liked.

“Jasmine, relax. Mike never has to know.” Zach had always been slightly evil. In highschool we were so in love. He was the boy that my mother hated and my father wanted to give him an ass kicking that would last generations. Zach and I dated for almost 5 years. We met freshman year dated almost until the end of our freshman year in college. By then, we had become two totally different people and a long distance relationship was hard. He had always been a ‘ladies man’ and I had a hard time trusting him when he was in New York and I was all the way in California. When we finally did break it off, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t ever see him again, which made it easier to move on. I had never really gotten over him, perhaps that’s why I am where I am now. 14 years later, here I am, in his condo. Life had a funny way of dealing cards.

Where am I now? I’m in his multi-million dollar condo with the incredible view. Not only that, But I’m slowly being undressed and if I’m not mistaken, I’m being lead back to his bedroom. How in the hell did I get myself into this?

“Zach, stop.” Again, my voice sounded shaky.

“Now, sweetheart, you know you don’t mean that.” He just kept moving his mouth from my neck to my shoulder to my ear, and then repeating it all over again. Ever since I was young, that was the magic combination that got me going. I’m slightly impressed he didn’t forget.

“Zach, I mean it. Stop.” I sounded a little more stern, but still I would have to sound big and bold if I’m going to stop him.

“Jazzy, you have to stop with this. You want me. I know you want me. I want you too, that’s why we are doing this.”

“You want me?” I was suddenly taken by how soft his voice was. He wasn’t forcing anything on me. I could fight him off if I wanted to. Did I want to?

“Oh, yes. I want you very badly. I never stopped wanting you.” He slowly eased off one of the straps of my dress off my shoulder. “Do you know how many girls I hooked up with as an effort to try to forget you?” He slid the other strap off my dress and watched it fall. He didn’t wait for an answer, he just kept talking. “Hundreds. Probably more.” He chuckled to himself. “Not one of those women came close to you. They were either too lose or too tight or too heavy or too skinny. They were never just right.” He started to pull down the top of my dress. More and more of my breasts were being exposed. As the chilly night air swept over them, I took a sharp breath and shut my eyes. “But you…” he took a deep breath and moved his hands to my breasts. “You are just perfect.” He suddenly dropped his head to my chest and took one of my nipples into his mouth. The sudden contrast of cold on one nip and hot moisture on the other excited me. Suddenly, I didn’t want to fight him off, not like I was doing a superb job of it before.

“Zach…” I started the word with a plea and ended in a sigh. He worked his hands down my back and over my backside as he took the other nipple into his mouth. As his tongue flicked and his teeth nibbled the hardened tip, I felt myself grow wet. He guided me to the wall and pushed me against it. He took more nipple into his mouth and started to unzip my dress. Now, my hands were roaming over him. I ran my hands through his slightly gelled hair and dragged my nails over his neck. I heard a weak moan come from deep in his throat and he stood up. He pressed himself into me and I could feel his hardness through his pants urgently pressing against my belly.

“Let’s go to my room.”

“Um…” I couldn’t really respond. I just nodded. He pushed off the wall and steadied himself upright. He grabbed my hand and ushered me to the back room. As he held my hand, I looked down. The stamp was still there. It was pure coincidence we were at the same club at the same time on the same night. St. Louis is out of the way for both of us….or so I thought. I know he works in Florida. He owns some medical firm out there. He travels a lot, so I guess he owns a few places. This beautiful place must be one of them. I live in Arizona, but I was here visiting some friends. My hotel is a few blocks over. It’s not too late for me to go there. Mike should be calling any minute to see if I made it to the hotel safely anyway. But, even though my mind is telling me I need to be a good wife and go to the hotel, I am still following my ex into his bedroom. This is just levels and levels of wrong.

“Lights on or off?” Zach turned around when we entered a doorway.


“Are you sure you don’t want them on?” He walked closer to me and kissed me neck. I moaned and pressed into him. He leaned into me and put his mouth to my ear. “When we were younger, you liked the lights on. You said you liked to watch my cock slide in and out of you.”

“Hmmm.” I cleared my throat and tried to shove off the shiver that was rippling through me. “Some things change.”

“No…” He grabbed the back of my head and pushed my mouth into his. His tongue ran into mine. In a violent dance, they swirled and simulated sex. Hot sex. “I don’t think anything has changed Jazzy.” He moved his mouth back to my hardened nipples. I could feel his hands roaming over my back as he slowly peeled it off of me.

“Yes it has, Zach.” I said.

“No, it hasn’t.” He was so calm with his words.

“Why do you say that? I’m married. You were married, last I heard. Everything has changed.” I swallowed hard as the cold air swept over my body as my dress fell to the floor. I shook as I nervously spoke.

“If everything has changed so much, Jasmine…” He moved his hands slowly down my stomach and then between my legs. He slid a finger slowly inside of my folds and I had to take a deep breath. “Then why do I still make you wet?” He had me there. I couldn’t answer. My ability for speech didn’t come any easier when he moved his mouth from my breast to my sex. His tongue slowly probed inside and I closed my eyes and my head slowly felt back. I couldn’t think of my marriage. I couldn’t even remember my husbands name. The only thought I could process was what this man was doing to me. He worked me over. He flicked his tongue in a perfect rhythm over my clit and slid his fingers in and out of me. Soon, the friction was too much and I started to cum. Just then, he withdrew everything. Just as I was about to protest. He stood up, came to me and kissed me. I kissed him back. Our tongues were wild beasts dying to get at each other. “Do you want to know what else hasn’t changed?” He asked.

“What?” My voice was nothing more than a whisper as my haze of arousal slowly faded away.

“You still like to taste yourself, don’t you.” I blushed and dropped my gaze to the floor. “You like it when I go down on you and then make you taste yourself on my tongue.” My breaths began to shudder. “I know what you like even more than that though, don’t I darling?” I looked at him. His eyes were dark with desire. Mad, angry desire. It turned me on to no end. “You like it when I make you taste yourself on my dick.” I swallowed the lump in my throat. He took my hand and led me back to the bed. I lay down on my back and he put himself between my legs. I didn’t want to admit it. I did love to suck his cock. I loved to taste myself on it. It was a primal thing. If I was tasting myself on him, it meant that he was mine. It was something to that effect, like I said it was an animalistic fetish. Just then, he shoved his cock inside of me. As his cock entered, my juices seeped out of me. I felt them run down my pussy onto the bed beneath us. He pulled himself out slowly and then sank in deep again. “Do you want to suck this cock baby?” As he asked, he shoved himself deeper. The pain of it all, was pleasure.


“I can’t hear you baby.” He thrust into me again. “Do you want me to put this cock in your pretty little face?”

“God yes!” My little voice that had been there left. Now, I had the enforcing volume I needed to resist him, but instead I was wanting him. I was telling him to fuck me in every way.

“You wanna taste yourself on my cock?”

“Fuck yeah!” With that, he pulled himself out of me and straddled my chest. He leaned over and I took his massive cock down my throat. My tongue moved up and down the shaft and tasted every sweet and salty bit of myself. I reached my hands up and began to massage his balls too.

“Oh, fuck yeah.” He moaned as he thrusted in and out of my mouth. “Suck that cock, baby. Oh shit!” He began to pump harder and faster. “Oh, fuck! I’m gonna cum baby!” I moaned as I sucked him harder. “You want me to cum in your mouth” I nodded. “Tell me baby…can I cum?” I pulled my mouth away for a second just to tell him to cum and then I let him plow himself back down my throat. In seconds, he was shuddering as his climax took hold of him. Then, I felt the shot of hot cum hitting the back of my throat. The harder I sucked him, the louder he moaned and the more he shot off.

A few seconds later, he dismounted me and kneeled down between my legs. He ran his fingers lightly over my labia and then over my clit.

“Baby… I came so hard.” He growled the words as he hungrily looked at my pussy. “And you are still so wet.” He plunged a finger inside me slowly. “do you want me to make you cum baby?” I nodded. “Answer me.”
“Yes.” Again, my voice was only a whisper

“Yes what?”

“Make me cum.”

“Oh, where are our manners, Jazzy?”

“Huh?” I looked into his eyes.

“Say, ‘please make me cum’” He moved his fingers faster in and out of me. Then he started to massage my clit harder. My hips rose and fell in front of him.


“Please what?”

“Please make me cum.” My hips were going wild.

“With pleasure.” He put his mouth to my pussy and began working his tongue over my clit. He spread my lips apart and probed me. He worked his fingers in and out and rubbed my clit with his tongue. With in seconds, I was writhing begging him to let me cum. Then it happened. My back arched and everything tensed up. I cried out his name and slowly melted into the mattress.

I looked down at the end of the bed to where Zach was. He was standing there between my legs stroking himself. His cock was hard as a rock again, and for some strange reason, my pussy felt like it was ready to cum again.

“Fuck me.” I gave him the order, but he continued to stare at me. “FUCK ME, ZACH!” He crawled ontop of me and slammed himself into me.

“Does your husband fuck you like this, baby” I couldn’t lie.


“Does your husband make you cum like I do baby”

“NO!” I cried out as his cock slammed deeper and harder into me. Soon, I was shaking about to cum again.

“Do you wanna cum again, honey?”


“Do you want me to cum inside you baby”

“God, yeah!” And so he did. He gave one final plunge and it sent me over the edge. My body tensed and spasmed as he shot his load into me. He collapsed on top of me.

The next morning, I awoke to him between my legs again.

“What are you doing? What time is it?”

“9:00 am.”

“I have to go!”

“There’s 2 feet of snow outside, darlin’. No one is going anywhere.”

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