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Categories: Oral Sex, Masturbation, The Audience / Voyeur, Group Sex / Threesome
Tags: cum pussy Job Blow cock masturbation
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I'd love to be out of town on business and meet a couple while I am checking in. We would chat in the elevator going to our rooms and spark up a pretty quick friendship. Our rooms would be next to each other and just happen to have a door between them. We would agree to go out and get some dinner together since we are all three out of town and don't know anyone else. We hit it of pretty good and agree to spend a little time together at the hotel when we get back.


On the drive back we agree that the hotel hot tub sounds good and would go once we got back. We get back, change into our swimsuits and head to the hot tub. While changing, I leave the door between our rooms open and the wife walks in on me as I am changing and nude. I don't bother to cover up and she just stands there and smiles while I continue to get dressed. She has already put on her bikini.


We all head down to the hot tub and hang out for a while just flirting and chatting and talking about sex. We are all enjoying the hut tub and being pretty open with each other about things when she asks me what I was going to be doing in tonight. I reply bluntly that I was going to be masturbating a couple of times in my room when we get back. I get a little red-faced at this but didn't care at this point. They both look a little surprised too. I ask if they were going to have sex and they both look at each other and he doesn't say anything but she says that yes they were.


I excuse myself to visit the bathroom. We I return I see them whispering to each other and smiling. We I get back I ask what they were whispering about and they say that they were just discussing stuff but if I reall wanted to know they would tell me. I press on and she says that she has always wanted to watch a guy masturbate but her hubby would never do it for her. she says that its would be a fantasy come true to watch me masturbate. This surprises me but I ask if they are serious and they both say yes. To my surprise, and theirs, I say "sure you can watch, but you both have to be naked while I do it". to my surprise, they quickly say yes. So we leave the hot tub and go back to our rooms where we all three get naked.


When they come into my room I am already stroking a little and she gets a big smile on her face when she notices. Well, I stoke to completion and she is just exstatic about it and asks if I would mind eating her pussy. Her hubby just smiles and says its ok for me to do so. I ask how she wants me to do it ans sha tells me to lie on my back while she strattles my face. I do as I am told and she sits on my face and I start licking and sucking. I soon find out that they had fucked before coming over and I can taste his cum in her pussy but keep eating and I like it. Then she leans over and I feel a mouth engulf my cock. It feels great. After a few minutes I hear her moaning and talking dirty then I realize its her hubby that is giving me the wonderful blow job. I let him continue and he lets me cum in his mouth while his wife cums in mine.


This is the start to a wonderful night of new things for all of us. There is more but I have written too much already.

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