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Categories: The Fetishists, Group Sex / Threesome, The Audience / Voyeur, S-M / Domination / submissive
Location: A Public place
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Agressive

You are transfixed for a moment wathcing this woman cum. Thoughts race thru your head. How long was she watching. Is she gonna tell on us. Does she want to play with my master. Does she want to play with me? In any case, you think, I'm gonna cover up. You reach for the blanket that you had been kneeling on. You start to tug on it. When I yell NO! You drop the blanket as you look up and see the wrath in my eyes. Stand up. I command. You want to but your body refueses your mind. It was one thing when everyone was asleep but with a half naked woman watching you and still playing with herself? it's just too much. I promise you that if you do not stand up right now. I will parade you off this bus in front of everone Stark naked! In a shot you stand up legs spread a little apart so I can see your bald pussy. Just like I like. But that means she can see it too.

>Thunk<. In your haste you forgot to secure your dildo and it just fell onto the floor. The Woman picks it up. Looks at it. And starts to suck on as if to taste your juices. Then she plunges in betwwen her legs and smiles. I'm not sure what is wrong with you tonight. But I just can't wait any longer. I have to punish you. Bend over my knee.

Now up to this point I've spanked you while we fuck and lttle smaks on the ass in public but you've never been punished before. You look up and the woman has turned twords you with her legs spread you you can watch her fuck herslef with your dildo.

You can tell I rech into my bag and pull something out. The I show it to you.


After showing you your new paddle. I ask how many swats you deserve. You say 5 for the numebr of times you disobeyed me today. Wrong! I say taping the paddle against your bare ass. You tense up even tho it was just a love tap. You feel it on your pussy lips that are pushed out from beding over so far. You begin to tremble. Anticipation or fear, you are not quite sure. Your body is still very horny from sucking me.

Wrong. I repeat. So I'll add 5 swats to your total. Do you want to try again. Or I'll tell you for 10 swats. You know you don't want 10 swats so you try again. You think for a moment then you have it. However many swats you think I deserve for my disobediance, you plead. Perfet! I beam. You are begining to learn how to please your master. Since this is your first time I was only gong to give 3 swats to get used to the paddle. The paddle will be part of your life every day, as long as you are mine. I want to give you one chance to stand up. Get dressed and find another seat. But then this relationship will be over. Or you can take your 8 Swats and give your whole self willingly to me. Unitl I no longer desire to keep you as my pet.

I lift my arms up to relese you but you quickly say in a low sexy voice. Paddle me master and make me yours.

I put my arm down to steady your ass on my knee. The way this works, is you keep the count, If you do not count or forget the number we start over at one. Since this is your first time I will give you one "do-over" and that is all. Without any futher talk or anything I bring the paddle down across your ass just missing your exposed lips. It takes all you have not to scream out in pain. I rub the spot with my hand and heat spreads out and lessens a bit. You sense me raising my arm for another swat. One! you blurt out hoping it's not too late.


Good I say, faster next time. Swat. It sounds loud and you wonder if anyone is going to notice the Disipline going on in the back seat. The pain is intenese but you feel yourself getting wetter too. Oh god. You worry. I'm gonna cum from getting my ass paddled. SWAT. You are jecked back to reality. Three! You cry out. Oops I say what happend to "two"? You think for a moment then say "one". Oooh. Nice. SWAT. Two... SWAT three... SWAT four... SWAT five... SWAT six... Your ass is really hurting now it feel like it is on fire. SWAT! Right on your pussy.

...SWAT! Right on your pussy. You were getting used to being spanked on the ass. But that paddle against your poor swollen cunt lips is a whole new kind of pain. And a new kind of pleasure. You howl with pain and cum at the same time. Your pussy gushes you cum so hard. The bigger the hurt the bigger the O So far. The woman reaches down and tries to muffle your cries but you pain sound turns to pleasure as you cum again knowing for certain that you are going to be caught. And as you look up around you, you see people staring at your naked body. You hear hushed whispers of slut, disgusting, whore, and way to go dude. You feel the bus pulling off the road, and see the lights come up. now your nakedness is even more revealed. I help you stand.


You don't even want to cover up. You feel wonderful. You feel the exquisite pain in your ass it feels like it is on fire. You step over my legs and stand in front of yur seat so everyone who want to look can see. You'd stand on the seat and show them your love marks but you really only want to share them with your master. And this woman who also did not cover up. Tho she still has her dress on and so is not as free as you. The bus driver makes his way back and breaks up the crowd. Miss, he says staring at your nakedness. Miss, he start again. I'm going to have to ask you to put your clothes back on. You and your party will be kicked off the bus at the next stop with no refunds.
I will not do anything until my master commands it. You say defiantly. you look down at me and smile. I smile back. You did very well my pet! It is time to get dressed and we will continue your punishment later.


Galncing over to the woman I tell her to cover up too. And to give you your toy back. In front of the onlookers she pulls the dildo out and slides it up into you. It feels like a long lost friend. She then tugs her dress back down and puts her tits back into thier spots. You pull on the shirt and it covers you up. I tell you to sit down.

After the bus starts up again. The woman says, can I travel with you for a bit I seem to have gotten myslef kicked off too. I'll be your slave for a bit she purrs. No, I say quietly. You'll be my fuck toy to play with and use however I want. Amber is my slave and I am her Master. She will be spanked every day to reminder her that I am her master and that I know what is best for her and how much I care about her. Ok she says I'll be your fuck toy. Just don't leave me. I'll do anyhting you ask. My name is Joy.

You are not sure you like this other woman coming along. You are sure that she will get some abuse and sex that you wanted for yourself. He may even want you to play with her.

After we get off the bus. The three of us walk to a nearby motel where Joy picks up the room bill. Once out of the line of sight of the clerk I order you both to get naked and we walk to the room. There is on king bed. We are all tired. I tell Joy she can sleep on the floor and you and I sleep in the bed. You cuddle up to me pressing your breasts aginst me. Thank you, master, you say, for making me yours. You will be a wonderful pet. I whisper back in your ear. And you drift off to sleep.


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