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Categories: The Fetishists, The Audience / Voyeur, S-M / Domination / submissive
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Roleplay: Master/slave
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Nature: Romantic

We sleep a lot during the next day. People get on people get off but the woman, who is now wearing a short black dress never changes her seat from being right next to you. You can't help but check her out. She is fit but not a hard body, the plunging neckline with an open back mean that no more of her very ample breats are covered than if she had been wearing a bikini. Obviously the bus doesn't kick you off for dressing too sexy. I catch you undressing her with your eyes, rubbing your legs together a bit to move the dildo that is still in you. Do you want me to ask her to join us in our fun tonite? I ask softly but loudly enough that she could hear if she was listening.

Oh please don't, master. calling me that for the first time. I smile and say well I suppose not. then as an afterthought i mutter, Not right now anyway.

After dinner and restroom breaks the bus begins to fall into slumber. While wondering what you were going to be doing for me tonight. You think to yourself. At least I didn't have to expose my self during the day. Reaching under your dress and switching the thing inside you on at random times and watching you squirm seems to be enough. At least for now.

After a bit I look at you and ask you, not that you have a choice, to take off all your clothes, fold them and hand them to me. You start to look around to see if anyone is watching but I give you a look and you stop, you hesitate again. Pulling up a skirt and being totally nude are so completely different that you can't make yourself do it at first. You've been so good. I don't want to have to punish you. I say careingly but firm. I count to three. You still have your hands on your shirt but can't pull it up. OK, well I guess I have no choice. Reaching into my bad I pull out a pair of scissors like EMTs use to cut clothes off patients. I Grab the front of your skirt and move my arm to start cutting. Wait you yell. and people stir a bit. But you pull your clothes off quick as you can. In less than a minute you are sitting completely naked no access to anything to cover you up with 60+ other people and a bright red vibrator buzzing away in your pussy. You cum on the spot.


I didn't say you could come. I say tersely. But-but you start to stammer. No! No buts. Except maybe a sore one for you later. Look at the mess you made of your seat! You look down and see the large wet spot underneath you. The embarrassment and self consciousness of being naked comes back to you in a rush. Now I can't play with you like I wanted. Well Come over here, I motion between my legs. You stand up and climb over my leg so you can get down on your knees. You use one hand for balance and the other one to hold "it" in you. 


You are surprised by your feelings. You had thought it was about being daring and getting someone to encourage you to do naughty things in public. But now you start to feel that, it's the act of submitting to someone's will and trusting them totally with your body. And wanting to please that person. And that is why without a second thought you stood up to expose yourself to the whole bus for the opportunity to suck me on this bus.


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