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Categories: Oral Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: fucking cowgirl cum
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Agressive


I would love to hold you tightly in my arms kissing you and caressing you. Letting my fingers glide gently over your naked body exploring your curves. Id listen for the spot that really gets to you and kiss my way down there not neglecting any part of your sexy body . teasing you with my kisses and my touch. I understand that the inner thigh is very sensitive. To both the softness of my mouth and the priklyness of my beard.


Finally I concentrate on your mound. probing your folds slowly at first with my tounge seeking you clit and wandering there for a while. Soon I slide my tounge deep inside you strethcing this way and that in and out I tounge fuck you stoppong from time to time to lick and nibble at your clit.

I can tell by the way you moan that you are about to cum and I like to play with my food a bit more. So, I stop. You try to lift your hips and grind into me, but I hold you down. You can still feel my breath on your mound so you know Im still very close. "Please" you beg. Able to form words for the first time in a while. I blow softly on your exposed clit. You squirm with pleasure. After what seems like hours, but was really less than a minute I go back down on you and you rocket past where you were at before but now its not enough to make you cum. You are thrashing about with pleasure screaming at the top of your lungs.


Then, without warning, I pull my mouth off of you and pull you down on the bed and thrusting deep inside you. You start to cum, but I dont let up for an instant. Hard and fast, I fuck you as you cum all over me. You love the wet "smack" of skin on skin. " deeper!" you cry and I pull us over so I am on my back and you are my cowgirl.

I grab a breast with each hand, massaging and teasing them, making you cry out in joy. Using your hips you lift off of me as I pull back and then slam together hard and deep as our thrusts collide. The feeling is intense. The way I fill you, the grinding of your clit against me as our skin makes a loud "smak" sound when we collide. This is all about friction and brute force fucking. We grunt in time as we fuck. Smak. Smak. Smak. You feel the pressure building inside of you.


You think you have cum from less than this but it is so hard so forceful your body can't catch up to tip you over that edge. I reach up and pull on your hips for a little bit extra and then I cum. Deep inside you feel yourself filling up on my cum and the sudden absence of sex shoves you raggedly over the edge and you cum so hard you loose control of your body. You pussy spams uncontrollably and you feel my cock respond and start to grow again. You mange to pull off of me and I hold you tightly as you come down from your mega O.

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