A Connection Worth the Wait   added 8 years ago
  By: 3p  Age: 32  Country: Canada

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Categories: Identified partner
Tags: marijuana car friend
Location: Anywhere
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Nature: Romantic

She's a short curvy blonde, always smiling, always laughing. She wears red lipstick, paints her toenails, wears sparkly earrings and sexy anklets. Short skirts and shorts tease me with her perfect legs; I always catch my eyes running up the inside of her thighs. Her tits pop through shirts like they're going to rip through.

I love my girlfriend, but that doesn't stop her from spinning my head every time I'm around her. She dated a close friend of mine for years, and fuck did I want her. Now she's single, we all hang out together, and I still think about how I'd make her scream in the car while I licked her pussy, how I'd fuck her without restraint on her bed.

She's such a freak. She can totally tell I'm into her, knows I'd fuck her in a second if she made a real move. Instead, she keeps it just barely bearable. She blows me kisses, grabs my ass, tells me how she likes it. We smoke a joint together, and she runs her foot up and down the side of my leg under the table where I'm sitting next to my girlfriend. Once, she suggested she'd join in with us, any time, any place.

A peck on the cheek, the right kind of glance, a squeeze of her hand is all it would take, and we'd conspiratorially leave together, hearts pounding, get high, and fuck all night long.

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