A day of pleasure in the out doors....   added 8 years ago
  By: sexual_healing  Age: 36  Country: United States

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Categories: Steady Partner, Oral Sex, The Fetishists, Anal Sex
Tags: sexy rock grass cum mud outdoors
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

I would love to walk completely naked from a log cabin in the middle of the woods with a very sexy partner. To feel the earth together barefoot and bare skinned exposed to the sun so we can feel its warmth all over us. I would love to use nature as our canvis on which we can make love on. Rocks, grassy fields, and even a lake. We would save the best one for last....


The rock would be so fun, to have her lay down on a very hard rock, feeling the warmth from the sun soak into her skin as she sits on it. Then as she lays down even further, feeling her back and legs feel the warmth of the rock. I would love to have her spread her legs for me so that i could devour her while she feels these sensations at once... I would absolutely love the feeling of her juices on my face, being heated by the sun. To taste her out in the woods would feel so much more pure than in the city for some reason.


The grassy field would be just so nice to run around in watching each other in the sunlight. It woudl be the typical scene you see in many romantic movies, but to actually expericance it would be breathtaking. To just lay her down on her back and make love to her, and then to have her ride me while looking behind her into the beautiful sky and the breathtaking clouds... To have both of us climax out there with the grass all over our bodies tickling us as we made love.... Her rocking up and down my cock with her hand on my chest positintiong herself as i thrusted my pelvis into her to help as i shoot my warm cum into her watering pussy....


The lake would be the most fun, to be able to walk on the banks, to feel the mud squish between our toes. To see her legs getting muddied up from us going in too deep or perhaps running around playing. Going skinny dipping together and playing in the water would be so much fun to wash off the mud... I bet the mud would be too much fun for us to resist again and we would go back out to the shore and roll around in it playing with each others bodies.... i would love to have her on on all fours, so she can feel the mud on her knees, and enter her from behind.... to have her grab mud in her hands while being fucked would be so sexy.

i would love to push her down so her tits are moving back and forth in the mud but being careful of not letting her precious face get muddied up... the sensation of the mud on our feet as i push into her body would be so over whelming, the water spashing around us, the heat from the sun down on us... watching her ass bounce for me with mud all over it.... so many sensations and images that would put me over the edge... our climax would be so fantastic! shooting my cum deep into her body, to feel it surround her walls inside her, lubricating her pussy even more than she has with her own juices... that would be fantastic....


hope you enjoy!

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