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"Let's try something a bit different", he said. Always eager to improve my sex skills and make Max feel good, I agreed. He told me about something he had read in a magazine that was called "deep throat". I thought my cock sucking was awesome and all my boyfriends told me I was "the best", but he still seemed a bit dissatisfied.


He first had me lie on my back on the couch (that was actually where I was giving him a blow job a few minutes earlier) and tilt my head over the edge so my view was pretty much upside down, then came over me. While fondling my tits and touching and caressing all of my body, his cock came in sight, so i just reached back and stroked it, then pulled it to my mouth to give him an upside down blow job like I did a few times before.


"Let's try it", he said, kneeling to the top and stroking my hair. I didn't know what was to come, so i just gave in when he told me to tilt my head back. "It's kinda like a reverse blowjob as I am the one that moves, you just have to stay where you are." I liked the idea of that. "Just open your mouth and relax." I did what he wanted, smiled and looked at his balls.


Max wasn't a very caressing lover I guess. He first put his dick in my mouth and made me suck it, tongue around a bit with it, then, without any more warnings in one motion just shoved his cock in as far as it would go. I was shocked and gagged on the unexpected intruder. Tears shot in my eyes and I wanted to scream but couldn't. As I realized I couldn't breathe, I paniced. I heard him say something like "it's all good, just relax", but I didn't care, I had to get rid of him, so I did the only thing that came to my mind: I bit. Bad mistake.


"Ouch, you stupid slut!" - I wasn't listening because everything in my head was swimming, at least he pulled out and I was able to get some air. He looked me in the eyes with a twisted grin, then calmly said: "Finish what you began." He knew I was up for extreme stuff, I love being pulled by my hair and sometimes being smacked on my ass, but this was far beyond: I couldn't breathe. Before I was able to protest, his dick was back in my mouth, then once more all inside. I chocked, gagged, felt the urge to throw up but fought it back, then he pulled out. At least he knew to pull out earlier. As soon as I caught some air, he was back in.


"Get used to it, slut.", he shouted, starting rhythmically fucking my mouth and throat. Not wanting him to become more mad, I tried my best. I felt saliva and other liquids running down my face, soaking my hair while I struggled for air and fought against the gagging. Until then I didn't realize he was slapping my tits and pinching my nipples, my biting must have hurt, although his cock didn't become any softer. He obviously loved abusing me like that and even told me what a stupid slut I was.


I don't know when, but sometime during the abuse, something in my head clicked. It didn't bother me, I actually started enjoying the treatment he gave me and I realized I was sopping wet, getting even more turned on, the rougher he fucked my face. What he was doing to me was depraved, yet felt so good to me, so I started using my hand that was earlier fighting against him to masturbate.


"You like that, bitch, don't you?", he shouted - "Feel it." and he placed my other hand on my throat. I felt his cock hammering my throat and fighting for air as soon as he pulled out a bit, I was Max's fucktoy, his personal slut to get him off. The lack of air made me dizzy, so I don't know how long Max kept fucking my mouth like that, but he eventually started breathing heavily.


The first spurts of his semen hit my throat, he literally buried his cock down it, shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum down my stomach. I gagged on it, but managed to swallow when he pulled out after I began struggling again. The last two or three splatters hit my chin, my face, one even reached up to my chest. He must have cum an enormous amount of semen.


When I sat up on the couch again, I was a mess. My mascara was burning in my tear filled eyes, my face was full of saliva and his cum, my hair was drenched. I felt used and humiliated, but I was still hot thinking about what a nasty, dirty girl I must be to actually enjoy this kind of abuse.


After Max recovered, he went down on my pussy, shoving fingers up my ass and cunt, sucking my clit, bringing me to a hard and fast climax. When he was finished, he kissed my tits, smiled at me and said "I can now really fuck you in three holes of your body."


I needed a shower badly.

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