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It was her birthday and I was taking her out for a night on the town. She picked a wonderful seafood restaurant where the beer was cold and the lobster just melted on your tongue. I decided to take it easy as I was driving, but she was drinking like only a birthday girl can. Two big frozen margaritas at the restaurant did some damage to her 5’5” 120 lb frame, but she handled it well.

She looked great that night, she has curly long jet black hair and natural bright blue eyes that just make you want to take her on the spot when you see then looking out from those curls. Wearing tight jeans that really showed off her tight beautiful ass and a long sleeved blouse tied around her waist showing off her always hot stomach. Deep cut of course, showing off her pale white b-cups. She looked beautiful, and I knew every guy in the room was wishing they were me, not just because of her looks, but her attitude too. She always has this cute easy smile and laughs at the drop of a hat; she knows how to enjoy life.

We left the restaurant and headed to a few clubs, running into a few friends here and there, celebrating, dancing, and drinking. She was completely wasted by the time I poured her into the car and headed home. But she’d had a great time. I carried her into the bedroom and helped her get out of her clothes, I would have liked to have gotten into her, but she was just too drunk. She fell asleep on the sheets and I just watched some t.v. and fell asleep next to her.

The next morning I got up and showered, when I came back into the room she was still laying right where I left her the night before. She looked so hot all sleepy and soft and I decided to give a nice wake up call. I crawled up between her legs and just looked at that hot shaved pussy, I love the taste and smell and feel of hot ready pussy.

I began by just softly kissing her lips, barely touching them, staying away from her clit, just running my lips up and down hers. She was still fast asleep, so I tried my tongue out on her. Making it as wet as I could I poked the tip between her lips and ran it up and down the length of her slit, not too deep, but she was starting to move a little bit. I flattened my tongue and lapped it all the way up to her clit and just barely swirled my tongue around it, she shivered a little and looking up I could see her nipples hardening. I don’t know what she was dreaming about, but she was certainly enjoying a lot more now.

Her pussy lips had gotten redder and a little more swollen as the blood began to rush into them, I began licking harder, sliding my tongue in a little deeper, building up a nice slow lapping rhythm against her pussy, I could see her head start moving slowly from side to side and her hips were definitely softly gyrating now against my tongue. I moved up to her clit and kissed it and softly sucked at it between my lips, I flicked my tongue over it gently and heard her give a low gasp in her sleep.

I knew she would be awake soon so I started licking her faster, driving my tongue into her now soaking slit deeper and harder, her hips were rising off the bed now, I heard her moan again and looked up to see her pinching her own nipples and looking down at me with half opened sleep filled eyes and her tongue running across her quivering lips.

I smiled up at her and eased a long thick finger into her melting pussy and began lapping her clit with my tongue. Long slow strokes against it with the flat of my tongue as my finger kept perfect rhythm fucking her deeper and deeper. She was moaning loud now and pushing her hips up, grinding her pussy down on my finger and her clit against mouth. She tensed and let out a long loud moan, her hands grabbed my head as her pussy gripped my finger and flooded with cum, I moved my mouth down and drove my tongue in deep to drink every sweet delicious drop.

She seemed to cum forever, panting and dripping and writhing and moaning. I licked up every drop as she slowly came back down to earth. I moved up the bed and gave her a long deep kiss, sharing her sweet juice with her. I told her happy birthday, she just smiled and reached down to take my rock hard cock in her hand and licked her lips. “Your turn” she said with a hot smile.

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