Chinese Girl   added 8 years ago
  By: marty999  Age: 44  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Identified partner
Tags: Chinese Hotel room
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Romantic

One Night I finished work at the pub when i came out there was this gorgeous chinese girl who is a regular at the pub & i always fantasied about. She was wearing short dress & white stocking, & she had short dark hair.

She looked like she was waiting for someone so i went up to her & said hi & she said hi back, i asked what she was upto & she said she was waiting for me to finish & asked if i wanted to to club or something, i said not really but i've got a hotel room booked nearby if you want to go for a drink at the bar there & the pub was paying for it as they have got me working again tomorrow, she agreed so we headed of to the hotel but when we got there the bar had closed, i said sorry & asked if she wanted to come upto the room & have drink from the minibar she said yes.

S o we get to room & i tell her to help herself as i neede to grab a shower & freshen up so i go into the bathroom strip of turn on the shower & step in a few minutes later she comes into the bathroom & strips off & joins me, we start kissing, i gently push against the wall of the shower start kissing my way down her body kissing her nice firm tits & her licking her erect nipples & then carrying on working my way down her perfect body. She spreads her legs slightly as my tongue starts licking her beautifully tight pussy, she tastes so sweet, she asks me to stop & carry on in bed.

We go to the other room were the bed was & she lies down & spreads her legs & man what a sight a gorgeous tight chinese pussy glistening from a mix of pussy juice & water, i get on top of her & slowly ease her pussy lips apart with my cock, god it feels like heaven & so tight at first so i gently ease my cock into her until it is all the in & she asks me to fuck her slowly, so i start sliding my cock in & out of her slowly as she starts moaning softly, she then asks me to fuck faster so i really start fucking her furiously & then all of a sudden i cum inside of her really filling her up. Needless to say we fucked again the next morning in the shower before i left to go to work.

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