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I am addicted to fucking mothers, the hottest bitch in the world could be lying in front of legs wide oped, begging me for a fuck, but if there was a bitch in her fifties even, fat, plump, fit or just (preferably) average I would hop on the milf as quick as.

My fantasy milf's just need to be mom's my favourite is a woman who's between 35 and 55, with a full figure, not a skeleton figure but enough there to get hold of.

I would meet my milf in an ordinary situation, say shopping, she would catch my eye and smile at me, smiling back i notice that she is looking at me very strangley, almost trying to tell me something, but without trying to open her mouth to speak.

I watch her as she leaves the store, she looks over her shoulder, drops hers eyes and looks back, i'm hooked, i have to have her, i follow her outside, she puts her shopping in her car, she's a very good looking forty five, full hips and big tits, very mumsy.

She asks me what i want, i cant help it i tell her i want her, i want to fuck her, i want to lick her pussy, her ass her tits i just want her. she looks at me with a smile, thats lucky she says because i want to fuck you, i wamt to suck you i want to fuck you hard.

She beckons me to get in her car, i do and as i lean in she grabs me and pushes her hot wet tounge into my mouth, i kiss her back and she moans that she is soaking wet and needs fucked right now.

We travell back to her house, she runs out of the car, into her house and upp the stairs, i run after her, i get upstairs and call out to her, her voice comes from the bedroom in front of me, i enter and she is standing naked in front of me, i nearly come in my pants, the goddess aphrodity is standing before me, my cock is so hard i could cut glass. i move up next to her i kiss her firmly but gently, i caress her breast and slowly start to stroke her pussy as she moves a hand down to grab my throbbing cock.

she then moves down to my shaft, taking my whole lengh in her mouth she swallows my cock, it feels like i am going to come there and then but i dont she sucks and sucks but i dont come, she then stops and tells me to fuck her, to fuck her hard, to fuck her like she hadn't been fucked for a long time, I lay her down and plunge my hard cock into her hot wet pussy, again i almost come but i don't, i give her all my length, again and again and again, we build up some steam, im giving her the fucking of a lifetime, we go and go and fianlly we come together. she rolls out from me, looks my long in the eye and says thank you......


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