The Boat and the Beach   added 8 years ago
  By: phil1796  Age: 38  Country: United States

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Categories: The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: Public oral
Location: A remote island
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Romantic

It was a great idea to borrow a friends boat for the weekend. It was exciting to be out on the water. It was late afternoon and you looked amazing in your bikini. When other boaters would come by I would pull you close to me with a huge grin on my face as if to say "yeah, you may want her but She's all mine!". Even if was a bit over he top it was a turn on. Maybe we should someplace a bit more private, you say. Not too private I hope, I laugh. I aim us for a nearby Island.


Soon, You take off your bikini and swim for the island. I swim after you with a cooler. Once out of the water you feel just how open this "seculed isle" reall is. There is no one on this side of the island but there is no cover and anyone who wanted to cold get a ood look at all you have to offer. You are suprised when that thought sends a twang of passion between your legs. Coming ashore, I see that lustful look in your eye and say if anyone want to watch, let's give them a show.


I run up to and grab you in my arms kissing you passionately. you turn me around as we kiss to show off your naked backside to the water and any one who is watching. You could swear some was watching you from far away maybe from the marina or any number of boats. You feel yourself dripping down your leg. Pushing me to my knees I bury my face in your bald(?) wet pussy. I slide my tounge deep inside you, and you moan. It feels wonderful to not worry about anyone thinking you are too loud or to think about anything but pleasure with just that small corner of you mind that loves being in the open.

I turn you so you can see the lake as my mouth and tounge try to find your g-spot. Free from expecstaions of being a good girl your revel in your pleasure. Your pleasure gets stonger and stonger as I slide two fingers into you and concentrate my tounge on your clit. Round and round, up and down, I overload your senses, and my tounge feels like it is everywhere all the the same time. I stop and press my tounge firmly into your hot nub and it pushes you over the edge Your legs give out and I hold you up licking and suucking on you to keep you cumming allover my face.


Screaming in your pleasure you force me off of you and collapse to you knees onto a huge beach towel that you hadn't even noticed that I had put out. For the next couple moments we both catch our breath then, not wanting to come down too far from that orgasm, you yank down my swim trunks and take me into your mouth, deciding to repay the tender mercies I showed you start to suck on me. For a while I let you work on me then I drop down to the ground and pull you on top of me now in a 69 positon, and get back to work licking all around your tatsy hole before toungeing you deeply. You respond by moaning a bit then going down deep and I feel the head of my cock in your throat.


I groan loudly, and manage not to cum down your throat. Instead, I add a gnetle finger to your clit in addition to my tougne deep inside you. Still sensitve from your last "O" you go over the edge willingly submitting to riding the waves of pleasure that pound your body. Unable to hold out anylonger I let go and cum hard (in or) on you. You libido really wants something large inside you right now but your mind knows you are too sensitive at the moment, even brushing your hard nipples aginst me blurs the border between pleasure and pain. I pull you around have you cuddle up to me, Kissing you tenderly. You drift off to sleep to dream of what is next....

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