Against the Wall   added 8 years ago
  By: ophelias27  Age: 36  Country: United States

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Categories: Force/Rape, The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: force light
Location: My House
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive

I'm home, waiting for you. Waiting, waiting, it seems all I ever do is wait for you. I am getting angry because you said you would be here at 8 and it is now 9. You finally arrive and I am so angry I decide to tell you to Fuck off, and go home.

You are mad too, because on the way over you had a flat tire, and instead of listening to your explanation, I just tell you to fuck off. You call me a needy bitch, and I call you a cocksucker.

Next thing I know your in my space, crowding me up against the door. I push you away, and tell you again to fuck off. This only enrages you more, and you crowd even further toward me. I can feel your hard cock through your jeans rubbing against my stomach. This sends a trickle of moisture to my cunt. You start rubbing your cock against me, looking me right in the eyes. I turn my head and tell you I'm not in the mood.

You call me a liar, and stick your hand up my skirt to my cunt, your fingers coming away sticky. You bring your hand up to your mouth and lick your fingers. Still your eyes are staring, piercing. Finally after it seems like forever, you bring your hand up and fist in my hair. Hard. The pain is biting but the pleasure is intense. I moan audibly. You bring your mouth to mine hard and I taste blood, mine or yours I'm not sure. You start rocking your hips harder and I hook my left leg up on your hip so that your cock rubs against my pussy.



Our breathing is hard now, and you rip my shirt off my so that my straining nipples are free. As you are darting your tongue in my mouth, and nibbling my lips you bring you hand down from my hair and pinch my nipples, rolling them between your fingers, and the pain pleasure is almost too much to bear. I think I am going to come, but you stop, an inch away from going over the edge I am. It takes me two seconds to undo your jeans and I notice that you are going commando.

I want you to fuck me now, I tell him, and just as I am finishing that sentence he hoists both of my legs around his waist and sinks his cock inside me. For a moment he is still and we are both savoring the sensation, but that moment does not last as he starts pounding away at my hot cunt. Harder I scream, and his answering grunts as he pulls my head back by my hair so that he sinks his teeth into the tender spot where my neck and shoulder meet. I scream as the orgasm fires through me and I clamp so down so hard on him, he screams, his cum shooting straight into me, hot and moist I feel it dripping down my leg.

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