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Categories: Steady Partner, Oral Sex, Masturbation
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: “Good evening Miss Grant, or may I call you Karen?”

~ “Karen is fine, thank you.”

: “Well, if you could disrobe, lie face-up on the table and cover yourself with this towel.”

I sit on the edge of the table, facing away as you take off your clothes and arrange yourself on the table.

~ “I’m ready.”

: “Thank you, Karen. If you’re comfortable then we’ll being.”

I cover your legs with another towel and fold up the towel covering your torso so that it’s only covering your breasts. As I massage your tummy I can’t help noticing the size and shapeliness of them, even through the towel.

Covering your tummy again I massage your arms and hands before moving down the table to start on your legs. I shift the towels to uncover a leg and start to massage it with long strokes along the length of the whole leg. I switch to small, deep movements and begin to work my way up your leg. As I work on the thigh I notice a change in your breathing. Looking up I see your eyes closed and face flushed.

I move the towel aside a little and see that you’re getting wet. As I massage the top of your thigh I ‘accidentally’ brush my hand against your clit and watch for your reaction – you give a little sigh and flush slightly deeper.

Working on the other leg, I repeat the experiment, brushing against your clit as I reach the top of the thigh and again you seem to enjoy it.

: “Karen, could you turn over for me.”

Dreamily you roll over while I hold the towels against the table to keep them in place.

Working on your legs again, I work up to the top of the thigh and very gently trail a finger along your lips and circle your anus. This elicits a little moan and I know I’m on the right track. As I work up the other leg I eventually do the same and this time you grind your crotch against the table a little as my finger softly caresses your most sensitive lips.

I move the towels again, revealing your bum and I begin to massage with firm strokes with the heel of my hand pushing your cheeks upwards or outwards. You seem to be enjoying this and grind yourself against the table while sighing softly. Your hand strokes my leg and brushes against my rock-hard cock. You turn your hand over and gently cup my balls through my trousers.

I then cover your bum and expose your back. As I start to work on your back I can see that your face is heavily flushed. You hand keeps coming up and stroking my thigh and bum. As I’m bent over your back, working on your shoulders, I can’t resist leaning in and gently kissing the back of your neck.

: “Please turn onto your front again Karen.

You turn over, quite sleepy now, and I start to massage your face. As I massage the back of your neck you start to give little sighs and I lean forward and kiss you tenderly. As I break contact you say

~ “I want you, please.”

I kiss you again and slip out of my clothes. Kissing you once more you say

~ “I want to taste your cock.”

You turn your face to the side and I brush my cock against your lips. You take it into your mouth and suck rhythmically on it before sucking as hard as you can. I gasp and you release my cock.

I step to the side and lift the edge of the top towel from under your arm. I start to slide it across you, teasing it across your breasts and nipples. I pause for moment and you nod slightly, giving me permission. The towel slides across your breasts and onto the floor. I oil my hands again and sweep them across you breasts, enjoying the softness of them. I gather them in my palms, squeezing them together hard enough to make you sigh and bend forward to kiss, suck and lick your nipples.

I grasp the top corner of the other towel and draw it upwards so that it slide between your legs and rubs against clit. You give a little gasp and the towel finally falls to the floor. I stand behind your head with my cock brushing your cheek and sweep my hands downwards, across your breasts and tummy and into the cleft between your legs. As I draw my hands back up, the fingers of the first hand press into your lips, separating them and running up the sides of your clit. The fingers of the second hand are drawn directly over your clit and your thrust your hips against my hands.

I repeat this motion again and again until you’re deeply flushed and panting. Sliding a single finger in to you, you give a little gasp but I catch it with my mouth and kiss you deeply while my hand cups your crotch, rocking back and forth against your clit, working the finger inside you back and forth. I can tell you’re getting close and I press my palm harder against your clit and you grind yourself against it until you come, your cries muffled by my mouth.

: “Turn over.”

You roll onto your front and I climb onto the table, my thighs pressed against yours. I start to massage your back and with every stroke my cock presses in between your thighs, rubbing against your lips.

Just as you’re getting close again I stop and slide a little further down your thighs. I slip a finger into you and start to work it back and forth. A second oily finger slides into your bum with a little gasp. I start to work both of them back and forth sometimes alternating and sometimes in sync. Occasionally I stop to make circles inside you with my finger tips instead. I keep up a steady rhythm and in no time you’re crying out and I can feel your muscles spasming around my fingers.

~ “I want you inside me.”

I slide up your thighs again and position my cock against your lips and gently ease the tip into you. I start to massage your back again and with every stroke my cock slides into you. I keep my pace slow and steady and soon you’re starting to sigh and moan again.

I move my legs out from under me so that I’m lying on top you with our whole bodies touching and start to slowly grind against you. I’m massaging the sensitive spot on the back of your necking and kissing your cheek, all the while gently thrusting into you.

I start to thrust more quickly, our bodies sliding against each other and you’re coming again. I thrust hard into you as I feel you coming and squeeze your thighs between mine.

I move my legs apart and ask you to turn over again. Moving up your body I sit across your chest with my cock between your boobs. You run your hands over my chest as I squeeze your breasts around my cock and start to thrust between them. I rub your nipples with my thumbs and you reach around my arms to squeeze and fondle my balls. Soon I’m close and start wanking my cock, you squeeze my balls with one hand while running the other over my chest. I’m stroking your face with my free hand when I come, splattering your boobs and face with cum.

I offer my cock up to your mouth and you suck it as hard you can making my gasp and jerk my hips. I rub the cum on your boobs in with my cock while gently wiping it off your face with my other hand.

Moving back down again, I stretch out on top you and kiss you while you wrap your arms around my back.

: “So, how was that?”

~ “Hmm, not bad.” {grin} I’ll have to think up a suitable tip….”

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